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  1. I didn't know there were two versions. What is the difference?
  2. I saw Letter To Three Wives about 2-3 months ago and you could hear the camera running in the background except when they were talking, like it was dubbed in later. Does anyone recall this? I don't remember that when I've watched it before.
  3. I know I'm late with this but have you seen the ads for the remake of Texas Chainsaw? It looks really good. I can't stomach the original. It's too gruesome and spooky. Fave halloween: Halloween, of course! (I also like the classic Dracula and Frankenstein.)
  4. While I'm about two months late with this reply, have you checked with your local camera store? OR: if you have a projector you can project them onto a white wall or screen, frame it up with a video camera and record them to vhs yourself. Otherwise they may charge $75 for 30 minutes of film. (I'm doing 8mm myself and it's working pretty good.)
  5. I have to vote for "Attack From Mars" and "Mom and Dad Save the World." I can't believe I sat through those two I still think "Pulp Fiction" is over rated and "Mad Mad World" was too too long!
  6. I love the exposure to these films I would never have had a chance to see. I think it's educational to watch a film done in another country, something without the usual Hollywood flair.
  7. For the actors: Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier and Bob Hope. ( While Bob is not the greatest actor, I think he is well deserved of a spot on Rushmore.) For the actresses: Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Olivia de Havelid and Lucille Ball. (I feel the same way about Lucy as I do Bob.)
  8. You might be interested in getting a dvd/vhs player that plays the ntsc and pal formats. They are probably expensive though. I found a couple of good sites that I know are up and running. The best one I think that might be of use to you is fesfilms.com They are in Montana and take orders on line, mail, fax and phone. Another is Ken Crane's DVD Planet in California. They are at dvdplanet.com and have an 800 number open 7 days a week (Pacific Time) One more that is worth a try is Home Film Festival in Pennsylvania. They are at homefilmfestival.com but I think they only deal with vhs. Al
  9. I know this is 2 months late. But that was Shelly Winters in A Place In the Sun? I didn't know that. Wow
  10. "Gilda" Need I say more. Glenn Ford is so sexy in this film. Rita Hayworth ain't bad either. Though if I were to pick a role from a movie I watch over and over well, it would have to be Charlotte Vale from "Now Voyager." I love Bette Davis as the nice, good girl (of course when she's bad she's better) I wouldn't change a thing except in the film she had a great talent for ivory carving and then it was just forgotten. I would have continued with that element. I felt it was such an important part of her character. The shy, quiet girl who has this amazing talent born in her. Paul Henrei
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