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  1. Hey there everybody, Check out news about the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter! I hope many chapter members are able to get out and see the TCM Big Screen Classic feature this month. Sunset Boulevard on the big screen is gonna be epic. :D You'll notice in the link above that our website has a bunch of really cool pictures from the Film Festival. Check them out!
  2. I am so excited to say that we are now 70 members strong and growing!  Below is a link you can follow to see the latest news from our chapter.

    Our Latest Email

    You'll note that we have a shared file for members to use so that they can drop their photos and videos in it and I can post them on twitter and our website in (close to) REAL TIME!  I can't wait to see all that our members have to share with us.  If I can, I'll share the photos and video here but if I can't you can always find them on our website www.tcmbacklotsfchapter.com.  I so wish that I had been able to head out to the Film Festival but I blew my travel budget on my trip to India.  I just got back and it was a fabulous time but next year I plan on being at the Festival, for sure!

    A big SHOUT OUT to Louie Jordan the president of the Des Moines chapter.  He created a nice facebook page for all of the local chapter Backlot members.  You can find that here.

    There's been lots of chatter on our Twitter feed @tcmbacklotsf so get in on the fun - follow us and I'll follow you back.

    I had a fun conversation with our Chicago and Portland Chapters.  TCM Members are the BEST!  I plan to head out to visit all the different chapter locations and try to coordinate my visit with one of their events.  I just love getting to know everyone and sharing our love for classic film.

    I have included posting here as part of my Prez duties so I won't be so quiet from here on.

    Let's Movie!


    1. CatyL


      Hello.  I just discovered the TCM message boards, and signed up, this morning (May 9).

      I live in San Francisco, and would like to hear more about the group.

      Because this is only my introduction to this board, I won't activate the "confused" icon, yet.  But, I'm not sure how to proceed.  I'll check back to see if there's clarification and guidance.  ?

    2. Auriane


      Hi there!  Great to have you here.  I did get your email and I'll reach out to you there.  I'm glad that you found this board!  Backlot is such a great feature of TCM and I'm so excited about it.  Getting to enjoy Classic Film on the big screen with other enthusiasts is just one of the great things we enjoy as members but it's a BIG one.  I hope you can join us tomorrow at Sunset Boulevard.  We're meeting up at 6pm at AMC Van Ness (1000).  The show starts at 7pm.

      You can learn all about us at www.tcmbacklotsfchapter.com.  It's there where you can RSVP to events, see photos and videos from past events, get to know your fellow members on GabFest!, and learn about upcoming contests and event announcements as they happen.  

      I'm working with TCM to hopefully offer our members the opportunity to meet at a large venue and enjoy food and drink together as we screen a classic film.  I'll keep everyone up to date on my progress on the website.

      I'm glad you reached out and pleased to be able to count you among our ranks.  I hope we get to meet very soon.

      Let's movie San Francisco!

  3. I am excited and pleased to announce the recent formation of the TCM Backlot Local San Francisco Bay Area Chapter in California. We’re very happy to be a recognized chapter and we have many exciting things in the works. Read on... Sign up today! Here As a member of our Local Chapter, you are invited to our inaugural event! TCM Backlot Local San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is excited to welcome our members to our inaugural event. Members can rsvp by responding to me via email or visit here to see the official invitation and RSVP form. There are also some maps to help guide you to the events. Please join in for dinner and the movie and drinks following – any or all of those activities. I’m so excited that we’ll be watching Casablanca as our inaugural classic film viewing together. It’s a favorite of mine and always a great film to spark some fun conversation. Upcoming Enhancements to our website! There are several very recent developments in our local chapter including: Our website boasts a new "Discussion Forum" where we as a group can effectively communicate, plan and initiate classic film related events and outings. We now have a “Member Spotlight” section of the website to highlight members of our local chapter including short videos and copy that highlight their unique brand of classic movie fandom. I plan to coordinate with members that will be attending the TCM Classic Film Festival and to partner with them to post their videos and photos in (very close to) real time to keep all of the local chapter members informed on the latest from our members at the festival. The future of our local chapter is very bright! As things progress, I’ll be sending out periodic emails to keep members up to date on all the latest activities and improvements as they occur. When you become a member, if you have any ideas for our chapter I welcome them! I so enjoy getting to know all of the members and the unique perspectives that they bring to the group. It’s been a fabulous unfolding so far and I’m excited at what the future holds for us. Sign up today! Here
  4. San Francisco, CA - www.tcmbacklotsfchapter.com There is a thriving, active local Backlot chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Check us out and become a member! Our inaugural event is coming up soon! We will be heading to the Van Ness 14 theaters and watching Casablanca on November 12. We also have dinner and drinks planned for the evening and I'll be offering small movie related gifts to those that attend to memorialize our first event together. You can become a member & RSVP for our inaugural event at the website listed above. Our website includes a member spotlight page aimed at introducing one new member each month and we plan to coordinate with our members that will be attending the classic film festival for Real Time video updates of their experiences there. Let's Movie, San Francisco! Jennifer, Chapter President Jennifer@tcmbacklotsfchapter.com
  5. Thanks for the "atta girl"! I needed it. I've been pursuing becoming a recognized SF Bay Area Local Chapter through this forum, the website and Twitter and it's beginning to pay off. I now have 3 confirmed backlot members here in the San Francisco Bay Area that want to be a part of the local chapter. So, I just need 2 more to be able to submit our application and become a recognized local chapter! It's been really fun to interact with so many other movie lovers and to meet some really great people. I'm certain that we'll have 2 more folks very soon. I also really enjoy TCM so much and it's great to get to be a part of it through the festival, backlot events and certainly folks like you. I'm committed to starting this local chapter, that's for sure. Let's Movie! Warmly Jennifer @tcmbacklotsf www.tcmbacklotsfchapter.com Jennifer@tcmbacklotsfchapter.com
  6. Greetings! My name is Jennifer (screen name here is Auriane) and I am looking for TCM Backlot members in the San Francisco Bay Area to join me in starting the TCM Backlot Local Chapter here. I've been a classic movie watcher really since TCM began. In the 90's I'd plop myself down on my couch on Sunday mornings with a bowl of my favorite cereal and watch all morning. It was a tradition that continues to this day. I love the programming and especially all of the great information, interviews and host introductions to the films. So becoming a backlot member and starting a local chapter seems like a great fit for me - something that I'm pretty passionate about. If you're interested in being a part of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of TCM Backlot and you're a member of TCM Backlot please visit www.tcmbacklotsfchapter.com and sign up. As soon as we have 5 verified members we'll be a recognized chapter here on TCM. If you're not a member of TCM Backlot I recommend that you become one. It's a great fan club and has lots of fun perks! Plus, if we have a local chapter we can enjoy extra benefits like: -Free tickets each month to screenings of TCM Big Screen Classics (starting in June) -One Chapter per month will be featured on the TCM Backlot site -Local Chapters have the opportunity to win a viewing party for its members, courtesy of TCM -If there are TCM events in your area, the Local Chapter(s) will receive advance notice and opportunities to participate -Prizes and recognition for the largest and most active Chapters So join today and then head on over to www.tcmbacklotsfchapter.com to become a member of the local San Francisco Bay Area TCM Backlot Chapter. Looking forward to hearing from you! Jennifer Contact me at jennifer@tcmbacklotsfchapter.com
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