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  1. I guess its rare for me to like a current movie so I hadn't realized that most movies must say that in their previews? Thank you sandy I was worried. -phoebe
  2. This is Loveoldmovies04 but I couldnt sign in but anyways that doesnt matter, I was wondering does any one know that if a movie says that it is only in theatres, does that mean that it will NEVER be on DVD? -please help! -phoebe
  3. I do love Random Harvest, funny story, about a year ago I was reading the schedule and came across Random Harvest and decided I wanted to see it. Later that day I was helping my mother go through some of my grandmother's old boxes and came across the book Random Harvest. It was an original copy very old but it was wonderful, I read it and loved it and not to mention I loved the movie aswell.
  4. "the movies we watch define who we are"
  5. I would agree with pretty much all of you in all of yalls selections! My favorites are Vivien Leigh Maureen O Hara Greer Garson I especially love maureen O Hara in the Quiet Man, Vivien Leigh in GWTW and Waterloo Bridge, and Greer Garson In mostly all of her movies, I really liked the movie Random Harvest she was wonderful in it and if you havent seen it you should definately check it out! -phoebe
  6. hey guys this is KelseyMlawrence this is my other user name and thanks all of yall for replying this is cool.. my favorites were vivien leigh and clark gable and recently myrna loy is becoming one of my favorites too..
  7. hey stoneyburk i agree with you on one of those things i dont really want all movies to be realistic i mean movies are somthing that you can use to escape from reality. I also do agree that movies now days have some very realalistic sets and different point of veiws etc. that are very cool but all the same there is still something about classic old movies that make me feel so much more emotion than most movies do now days. the most recent movie i really liked was the notebook, i am also a big fan of the movie chicago its a WONDERFUL musical and they dont really make those the
  8. well heres my opinion and I realize there are a billion others but I do admit that there are times when I go to the movie theatre and I actually see a really good movie that can actually make me laugh or cry..etc. But it seems to me that i could find a movie a billion times better always just by staying home and watching TCM. My sister and my friends will some times laugh because they think that most old movies are overdramatic and unrealalistic but to me they were real and they had actors that were actually acting because they loved to actnot just for the fame and money and it showed in their
  9. LOL I love that part of the book... if you are wondering about just words in general that are used in the book you can try dictionary.com
  10. I have to agree with a few people below i think the olivers I am so interested in their story..I dont know exzactly why...but at the same time I also love couples like the hopes and humphry and lauren and some couples like that.
  11. clark gable and vivien leigh cary grant and katherine hepburn myrna loy and clark gable jean harlow and clark gable
  12. the ending of guys and dolls because she runs after him and then the next sceen they cut to is marlon and frank sinatra having a double wedding they should have shown her run after him and find him. It seemed to me like an easy way out..
  13. hey yall I was reading somewhere on the internet that there is a guy who is planning to write the sequel to GWTW and make it from Rhett's point of veiw?!?! yeah it seems kind of strange to me but then again I FELl sooooo madly in love with rhett after reading gone with the wind 2 times and reading scarlett that it might be kind of interesting...I'm unsure of where I read this but if you look it up on the internet under GWTW sequal or somthing you might find it.. please type back and tell me what you think of him writing this book from rhetts point of veiw.. I'm very interested in what you thin
  14. kendra, carole lumbard is one of my favorites too but my all time favorite is vivien leigh....and I wish i was born in a different time too..lol
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