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  1. Not sure I agree there is no explanation for the bird attack. The love birds are caged. Mitch refers to them as "poor little innocent creatures caged up like this". Later, as the ornithologist is defending them with "birds are not aggressive" the waitress yells out that the "fried chicken is ready". I've always thought of this as a retribution movie. Isn't it birds fighting back? When I first saw this at age 10, I remember being certain that the birds would stop attacking if only the love birds were set free from their cage.
  2. I don't like Joan Fontaine in Suspicion at all. There's not much variation in the role and at one point she put the back of her hand to her forehead in despair and totally lost me! On the other hand I think Cary Grant is brilliant in this movie. He's great in NbN too, but his narcissistic portrayal in Suspicion is chillingly convincing.
  3. Here are a couple of my stair favourites: Strangers on a Train - dog scene Suspicion - milk scene
  4. Taking nothing away from the perfection of the visual humour in Hitchcock movies, I adore the witty dialogue - present in even his darkest pictures. I like to imagine Alma inserting some of these lines into each screenplay. Perhaps not my favourite funny Hitch moments, but I picked a less appreciated picture "The Trouble with Harry" and a few of the more amusing moments as the Captain and Miss Graveley embarked upon a date: Miss Graveley: How old do you think I am young man? Sam Marlowe: Hmm... fifty. How old do you think you are? Miss Graveley: Forty-two! I can show you my birth certificate. Sam Marlowe: I'm afraid you're going to have to show more than your birth certificate to convince a man of that. Sam: ”Do you realise you'll be the first man to cross her threshold” Captain: ”She's a well preserved woman” Sam: ”Preserves have to be opened” Captain: This is a real handsome man's cup. Miss Graveley: It's been in the family for years. My father always used it... until he died. Captain: I trust he died peacefully. Slipped away in the night? Miss Graveley: He was caught in a threshing machine.
  5. This is a great choice Jerry! Very fun moment within the chaos of that scene. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting the link too.
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