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  1. thank you very much dear I am pleased somebody else is sharing the same situation and I also loved your concept of the best way a filmmaker can get the best of the course Have a best of luck and enjoyment
  2. It is the first time for me to know about such a "Silent Film festivals " thank you very much for the information
  3. 1- From the very beginning of the opening scene you are alarmed that something unusual and discomfortable is going to happen. A death alarm! The man or the dog or the girl?! And when everyone is saved you will keep thinking of What will happen to Whom? You are more concerned about Who will face the danger! There is also a repeated sentence by Louis "this is my last day. This could be my last day on earth. This is my last night here". There is also the very little moment when Abbot gazed with shocked eyes at Louis. A look that crossed his big smile and crossed your mind too.. what is be
  4. What I like the most about Hitchcock is his great concern of the details. He is the king of details. Though this is his first sound film he treated sound smartly to be a part of the storytelling and not an ornament. Alice is the main character in this scene. You can know that even if you did not watch the film. He uses sound to prove it from the first second. The voice of the gossipy lady is low at the beginning because Alice listens to it from another room. Once she enters the shop the lady voice comes loud and clear. As if you enter the shop with Alice. Then there is Alice anxious
  5. I have just watched The Lodger loved it and like all the English audience of 1926 I would never forgive Hitchcock if Ivor Novello was not proved to be innocent at the end of the film
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question to prof. Richard Edward and I think it might be an interest for some of other colleagues as well. I am interested in film-making and this is one of my biggest motivations to join the course. I can see during the first week that I am very interested in the touch of Hitchcock technically and artistically speaking. Also his concept about cinema, the relationship between the filmmaker and the audience, how a director should work in a team etc., are very useful to know and to follow the discussions on them among many other things in the course. I got also
  7. 1. In your own words, please describe the effect of watching the POV dolly shots / POV tracking shots in this scene? The POV dolly shots / POV tracking shots puts you in the place of the character. It also raises the Suspension. 2. Why do you think Hitchcock uses the technique of a POV tracking shot? What does it add to his visual storytelling? Hitchcock is in love of observation. He knows how the viewers/ human beings are curious and he is smartly playing on raising this Curiosity in times and satisfying it in other times. POV tracking makes the viewer more involved in
  8. pleasant garden opening is clear and lighted though the lodger is shadowy but gets the viewer directly involved of what is going on and not only an observer. But still in both films the camera is observing the observers. The music in the lodger is getting up and down to assure the feeling of suspense both of the films share the director interest in the cuts and facial impressions but in the Lodger there is faster cuts and wider locations and faster motion. the picture in the Lodger is blue, Misty, hazy focused and unfocused with impressive wide angel shots to reveal the inner feelings of
  9. First of all thank you very much TCM team for facilitating everything for us to enjoy the amazing course of prof. Richard Edwards. I am having a great fun and value with every second I spend with The Master of Suspense: 50 Years of Hitchcock! Regarding The Pleasure Garden scene it is amazing how the light and darkness made almost everything. I believe that even the title cards are not needed in such a piece. The focus on the women bodies and/ or parts of their bodies is done by the spot of light and it told everything! even a bag of a woman could be a source of attraction and exploita
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