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  1. Daily Dose #3 1. Montage and Expressive Editing - Hitchcock used both to show the differences between the party and the room where the boxer was meeting with his trainers. The quick cuts from the dancers to the pianist to the women playing ukuleles to the record player quickly showed us the energy and fun happening at the party. Cut to the other room and there was little to no montage at all. At the same time, Hitchcock used the mirror's reflection to also demonstrate what was going on in both rooms. The wife can see her husband seated, looking very serious, while the husband sees his wife
  2. 1. The Pleasure Garden vs. The Lodger — I noticed the differences first. The Pleasure Garden is a much brighter and more cheerful opening sequence while The Lodger is darker and more foreboding. The use of lighting and staging set the scene for both. Everything about TPG gave us a feeling of having fun, being welcome, and enjoying a show. The Lodger, on the other hand immediately made us realize something horrible was going to happen, it did, and throughout the rest of the opening, created a feeling of doom and the macabre through the dim night lighting, tight filming spaces, dark corners, etc
  3. 1. I think there may be a very basic development of the "Hitchcock touch" in that there is a voyeuristic feel at the beginning. We see the dancers first as someone backstage in the catwalk and then as an audience member, blurry and then then through the binoculars and the monocle. Also, we are immediately focused on a blonde (Hitchcock loved working with blondes) with what seems to be a strong-will/sense of self. I am not familiar with Hitchcock's silent films, so I can't really say more at this time. 2. I agree that we see elements of Hitchcock's style in the developmental stage. For exam
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