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  1. I know of Pat and Jeff. Jeff was a really good friend of mine before his death in April 2005. I read some where that in Franchot's early years before Joan and Jean he had a daughter with a theatre actress. I just wanted to know if it was true or not. Thank you for all the help.
  2. so do any of you know about a daughter from his early years?
  3. there is also a book coming out about Franchot Tone too. I don't know when the author has moved the date several times so I guess eventually is the date. www.franchottone.com
  4. I read that Franchot Tone has an illegitimate daughter. The article said that it was with a theatre actress and that it happened in the early years of his career. Does anyone here know about this or who the actress was? Any help is welcomed. Thank you
  5. Yes, I'm a really big fan of his! I hope they do something about his 100th but I don't know if they will or not.
  6. I heard that TCM was going to celebrate Franchot Tone's birthday on a different date since his birthday was on Feb. 27 which is oscar night. I haven't seen any birthday celebration for him yet. Is it going to happen? Thank you
  7. I'm talking about in book form. There are a lot of bios. on stars that people in my generation (20s) are just now being introduced to thanks to TCM. However most of the stars bios are out of print. It would be great if TCM could figure out some way to get these books back in to print so the younger crowd could buy them and some of the people that are collectors of bios. could. That's what I'm talking about not to have them on the website. that to much even for TCM.
  8. Is for TCM figure some way to publish all the out of publish biographies of the stars of the 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s.
  9. I love watching William Powell movies. Hopefully next summer under the stars they will.
  10. I think AMC is the worst movie channel. You can't "get into" the movie for all the ads they put in. At TCM you can. No I don't think TCM is going down hill at all. They need to place more Franchot Tone movies but that all I see wrong.
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