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  1. I like the fact that Frank and Betty paired up in both films, and in both cases her character was this hilariously aggressive man-chaser. Yellow being her character's predominant color in both might've been a coincidence.
  2. For me, "Merry Andrew" with Danny Kaye is severely under the radar. I discovered it during a tribute on what would've been his 100th birthday. The premise is interesting and quite a few of the songs are very catchy. The overall atmosphere is so cheerful and fun, especially when the traveling circus plot kicks in. There's one number, "Salud" that is so joyful and well choreographed, at one point Danny does this amazing leap over Tommy Rall. This is cool for 2 reasons: 1-Danny was 47 at the time and was still in amazing shape; 2-Tommy was well over 6 ft.
  3. Going through the list of musicals from that era is quite eye-opening, the effort put into every facet of movie-making is astonishing. The quality of the choreography, cinematography, costumes, music, dancing will never be duplicated.
  4. I can never really choose between the two. Both were amazing dancers the likes of which we'll most likely never see again, and both were fiercely dedicated perfectionists. Really the major difference was their styles of dancing; Gene was athletic and flexible, and almost always wore more form fitting and casual clothes. Fred was sophisticated, elegant and preferred suits. Gene once said, "If Fred Astaire is the Cary Grant of dance, I'm the Marlon Brando."
  5. There's one dubbing story I absolutely love: When Kathy is dubbing for Lina in "Singing In The Rain", that's actually Jean Hagen herself singing. So basically Jean is dubbing Debbie who is dubbing Jean.
  6. I always enjoyed her movies, and I read 2 of her books, they're a lot of fun. She had such a fascinating life, and for the longest time I was so jealous of her movie memarobilla collection
  7. What's the most underrated musical you've ever seen; one that you wish more people would know about and that TCM should show more often?
  8. I haven't seen "West Side Story" on stage, only screen, but one of my favorite facts about the transition from the former to the latter is the incredibly smart decision to switch the order of "Gee, Officer Krupke" and "Cool". In the play the serious "Cool" precedes Riff's death, which is shortly followed by the far lighter and funnier "Officer Krupke". Obviously the switch works much better for the film and is less jarring.
  9. Just the opening montage is overwhelming for a movie buff, about every major musical ever made is featured in it
  10. This film never seems to age, it's just timeless. It broke ground in pretty much every aspect of film-making: Casting, production design, makeup, visual effects. I'd say this film provided an escape more than any other film of the 30's. The songs are iconic, virtually everyone's roles are career-defining.
  11. I'm a big fan of Vera-Ellen, Betty Garrett and Ann Miller's main outfits in "On The Town". I just love how well coordinated the colors are, especially with three different types of dresses.
  12. I've often asked myself why "The Sound Of Music" hasn't been on a lot, but I think it's because ABC and NBC have such strong copyrights on it.
  13. I never really classified "The Wizard Of Oz" as a musical either, I always saw it as a fantasy that happens to have songs in it. What makes a movie a true musical? Well, a few good, and sometimes OK songs help, some dancing, talented actors, clever songwriters. Memorable orchestrated score
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