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  1. I was just reading this MM book "Blonde" by Joyce Carol Oates (great book by the way)it was made into a TV movie and from what i read on IMBD almost all the reviews were great and even the bad ones said the girl that played Marilyn (Poppy Montgomery) should have won the Emmy. I have been hunting on e-bay for it just recently. Anyway, i was thinking wouldn't Drew Barrymoore be great to play Marilyn/Norma-Jeane? My sister says its crazy, but i just saw "Mad Love" and "Poison Ivy" and "Ever After" awhile ago and can't help but think she be perfect. Agree? Disagree- is it a crazy idea?
  2. In Miracle on 34th Street, near the end with a young Natalie Wood in the backseat is saying over and over to herself about Santa Clause: "I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe..." i don't know why. Wow. i just realized most of my memorable moments had Natalie Wood in them. Weird! :-O ~Andie
  3. Its obvious in West Side Story that Natalie Wood's singing voice was dubbed (although i still commend her lip singing).After hearing Natalie's wonderful singing in Gypsy I am trying to make sense of why they did this? So, my question is did they also dubb her speaking voice with Marni Nixon's(maybe she couldn't get out the accent right?) and then decide to also dubb her singing to make it smoother? I know on the DVD they have material of Natalie's actual singing but i don't have it (and i can't find my taped version either to check!!!) Please help. ~Andie
  4. I don't understand why they Marni Nixon-ed Audrey's voice? Ever hear a song called "Moon River"!!!
  5. I will give you my reply on what i thought of Bunuel sometime past May 5 because that is when 3 of his films air and May is when TCM consistently starts to show alot of Foreign Films. ~Andrea
  6. kyle~ (i forgot to put in my last post)a special thanks to you- i am writing those dates on my calender as we speak! ~Andie
  7. Thanks so much! I have alot of free time because of spring break so i can try to look into alot of them! Thanks again, i really don't know where else i could have found this all out! ~Andie
  8. Gigi is based on the B'way version of it self as well.Guess who played Gigi in the original stage production to great reviews AND won a tony? AUDREY HEPBURN! "Gigi" is also based on the old novel by Collette. For me i can't decide! Gigi had better songs and the whole cast was great in both but My Fair Lady had Rex Harrison! I hope they come out with a DVD with commentary for Gigi with Carson and Jordan doing commentary. I prefer for a director/producer/cast member to do that than a historian (a good example: GWTW- so boring!) the only time i have enjoyed commentary (that was not done by a director/producer/cast member)was Roger Ebert's for Citizen Kane, which i highly reccomend! ~Andie
  9. I was trying to remember that scene from "Splendor In The Grass". All i could remember was her in a classroom and being very touched when i first saw but i guess after staring at a computer screen all night my memory wasn't working well. Thanks for mentioning it! ~Andie
  10. I love Silent films the most but i enjoy movies from any era. But i love noir and screwball comedy the most- i am sorry i couldn't give you a more helpful answer. I know nothing about foreign films. I just realized they existed (!) after seeing a Scorsese interview where he said they had a big impact on his life.Thought it would be interesting to see any old foreign film, really. Does TCM air them? ~Andie
  11. "Rebel Without A Cause"- When they pretend to be there parents doing a tour through the old house and Judy: "I always wanted to love someone and now i do and its so easy."Kissing scene. Sigh. :*
  12. " Bringing up Baby"- When KH dress rips! " Splendor In The Grass" When Natalie Wood's character tells her mother off in the bath tub! I have to stop this! Great Topic! ~Andie
  13. oh! And "The 7 Year Itch" (not the greatest movie) but MM really was a good dialogue actress, how can anyone deny that? The part where The Girl is talking to herself about "how am i going to get any sleep?" and Tom Ewell's character is going on his freudian speech not realizing that (thankfully) The Girl has more important things to worry about (sort of) and MM just breaks the fourth wall with those beautiful eyes and baby voice goes: "seems like such a nice man...?" Ok movie. Very well done scene. I know any actress could have done MM's part but she had great chemistry with Ewell and was very good in that part, i wish she had been that good in the whole movie but everyone knows how insecure she felt on a set. Oh well. "Gigi"- Aunt Alyssa: "No...No...No...Its Leon shes commited suicide! Again!" lol and "The night they invented champagne". "Pyscho"- Norman Bates (or mommy or...whatever!):" I wouldn't hurt a fly!" Can you say Nightmares! ~Andie
  14. " Whats Eating Gilbert Grape?"- Gilbert works at a supermarket about to be crushed in competition to the newer nicer supermarket, Gilbert really respects his boss. Through out the movie you see how tension is breaking out in the Grape household from change and everyone is kind of shifting out of the day to day and not repressing there feelings. Then in a scene in the middle of chaos Gilbert's sister drop's the cake that took her all day to bake for Arnie's birthday. Where does Gilbert get a new cake? Cut to him walking out of the new supermarket with a cake and running into his boss- long silence. Johnny Depp is amazing. Just see the movie! ~Andie
  15. Which of these Cinderella stories do you prefer? ~Andie
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