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  1. I got an e-mail about it, and signed a few days ago <---- Garbo fiend!
  2. I think it's kind of funny, even though Bette did do some cruel things; in the scene where Davis is supposed to start kicking Crawford in the head, she actually did kick her, and Joan had to have stitches. I think she did fake pneumonia or some such ailment and stayed there for about 3 or 4 weeks. I think it was because Davis was talking to the director and building up her role, and cutting down Joan's role. As far as which one is better, it'd be hard for me to choose. I certainly enjoy Joan Crawford's films more, but I think they both were wonderful actresses
  3. Oh of course! They're always sad, especially with the background music. The one for Brando made me really sad. I love the song they chose, but I wish I knew what it was called so I could buy/download it > I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries while > watching those. It's like watching a Hallmark > commercial. The one they did for Kate Hepburn was > fabulous. I cried like a baby. She's one of my favs. > > > Wendy
  4. You could always request/suggest your favorite films of hers' and get other people you know to request them too. Just watch the schedule, I'm sure you'll find them programmed sometime soon
  5. I think she did definitely make a great impact on Hollywood. At one time, in the mid-1930's, she and Clark Gable were the queen and king of Hollywood! The Thin Man films were very popular, after all. Maybe historians don't rate her as being legendary, like Garbo or Dietrich, but she was quite a star at that time!
  6. They didn't give her a day of her films, but they did have one of those short montages of film clips in their TCM remembers thingy. I know, it isn't much, but they showed it a few times. I always cry at those
  7. I'm for them. I think that if they were originally put into the film when it was made, that's where they should remain. Also, in most films with them, the intermission often has some music, such as the intermission in Gone With the Wind.
  8. I haven't checked the September schedule yet, but I'm hoping that they'll play The Animal Kingdom. Mainly, I'd love to see her pre-codes
  9. I'm new to this forum, but not to TCM. I'm 19 years old, here
  10. I think his movies were fun, but certainly nothing great in terms of acting ability. The music makes them worth watching, I suppose. I personally love Elvis' music, but I'm not a fan of his film career, aside from "Jailhouse Rock."
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