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  1. 1. I think you covered most in the lecture - the train tracks and the feet (obviously). I think you could consider the "cross cutting" of the edits between the two men's feet as they are walking a form of "criss cross". 2. Guy's clothing is fairly conservative, while Bruno's is garish - beginning with the initial shot of Bruno's spats shoes as he exits his cab. The soundtrack even gives him a brassy jazz flourish to accentuate them. Once they meet, Bruno is aggressively inquisitive - going so far as to jump into the seat next to Guy after peppering him with questions, while Guy basically gives non-verbal "aw shucks" reactions to his compliments. Bruno's pin stripe suit is very "busy" compared to Guy's monochromatic coat. I love the "punchline" of Bruno saying "I don't talk much". I can't say I that I noticed any special camera framing or lighting to particularly contrast Guy vs Bruno. It all comes across in dress. score. behavior, and dialogue. 3. For me, once the credits end, the score actually has a mischievous tone, as if Hitch is winking at us and saying "I'm about to totally mess with these two guys. Watch this..." I am definitely in the "this is a dark comedy" camp when it comes to Strangers on a Train.
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