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  1. (*-will always indicate ACADEMY-(A.M.P.A.S.)-AWARD win/victory) I am posting this-(very first new topic with new handle-(P.S. to my pals, where ever you are. Please let me know how to just alter "Screen Name?" For those whom wonder what in the...it means Spencer Golden Age Maniac!-(it was too-long though. TCM editing team as well, let me know how to only change it?) I was just curious & on 1st note, a bit "STUNNED!?" Has either: *Audrey Hepburn-(AFI's #3 female) & or *Bing Crosby-(Box-0ffice Champ for a record 5yrs. consecutively!)-(Though I am not a fan) I know *Bing was not on eith
  2. To me great friend classicsfan1119, I see what you mean??? However, I scrolled-down & saw the pivotal words GARBO! She's an acquired taste for many of course-(I AM CERTAINLY AMONG THAT GROPUING THAT TRULY RANK THIS WOMAN AS "THE GREATEST MOTION PICTURE ACTRESS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!" Even OSCAR winning champion: *Katharine Hepburn-(1907-2003) said the same-(when she wasn't only praising *"The Great: Spencer Tracy"-(1900-67) I also believe it had to do with a couple things in regard to Garbo. She only made B & W pix. She quit early-(P.S. although she did attempt a late '40's comeback. I
  3. This is my debut-(with new handle,etc & on that matter. I did have to totally re-register. However, how do I only ALTER this USER HANDLE???-(to sagebrush, classicsfan & bansi, please let me know!?) On "Ice Station Zebra" not exactly a heavyweight Are you speaking of it being Howard Hughes-(1905-760 favorite film? It was supposed to be. But we must remember that at that period-1968,69) Hughes, was not exactly clear in his mind-(that final plane crash directly into Beverly Hills >(July 7,1946 Hughes landed his Army experimental plane into>North Linden Drive! Was the final strok
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