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  1. In both opening sequences, Hitch shows multiple people reacting to the same situation in one shot. In Pleasure Garden, we have a group reacting to women dancing on stage, whereas, in The Lodger, we have a group reacting to the news of a murder. There’s more hustle and bustle in Lodger as opposed to Pleasure Garden in that Lodger is a new type of film for Hitchcock- it moves the audience outside where there is fog, darkness, mystery, and different lighting as opposed to the trivialness of the theatre/street in Garden. Obviously the scream at the beginning! Also, the theme of blonde women
  2. 1. Absolutely. The “Hitchcock touch” is visible in many ways. I noticed it in some of the lighting, the camera work— specifically when the camera panned over the faces of the men in the audience, the blur of the image until the man held up his binoculars, the man smoking in front of the no smoking sign and last but not least, the sassy/seductive blonde vs the timid/demure brunette. 2. I agree that this sequence shows elements that Hitchcock would use throughout his 50 year career. Although he might change his technique or approach during his lifetime as a director, many of the touches fro
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