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  1. YOU are living in a fantasy world! I am just as much a fan of the HAL ROACH product as the next guy (I peeked over the next guy's shoulder and saw his paper, AND I AM!). If you are such a FILM HYSTERIAN (excuse me...historian) then you would have some understanding of how the film/video world works in regards to "CLASSIC FILMS". WE are just a small microcosm of the video world of today. In the big MODERN world of video production, NOSTALGIA buffs like us don't buy enough to compete with what these new wiz-kid marketing experts project in their demographic reports. TCM is a voice in the wilderness. I am (happily) surprised that it has lasted this long in the current format. People like you actually FRIGHTEN the "SUITS". As a LAUREL & HARDY buff (not fan, as STAN was opposed to) I belong to a number of organizations where we have lovable, well meaning "RAINMAN" type people who do nothing but sit in dark rooms and eat, drink and breath C L A S S I C F I L M S . That's great for you...all the power in the world to you...knock yourself out! TO EACH, HIS OWN. Whereas your devotion is passionate and charming (yet, simple) in it's own right, it does a disservice in the long run...IF you intend to make a proactive impression on the corporate world that looks at the film holdings they own. The fact that your spelling and grammar is "atroshus" does not help our cause in the slightest...it sends out a message that classic film buffs are in the realm of "TREKKIES"...passionate, but weird. I am sorry that this is a RANT. I know that I am preaching to the choir. To others who frequent this thread, my comments must seem like HERESY. I will be sure to turn my FEZ in at my next meeting. I promise all that this will be my last post on this thread ("YEA!!!). People like you give real (reel) film aficionados a bad rep. Some of us care AND are realistic. I know SOME peole know what I speaketh of!
  2. Seriously...have you ever really stopped to think that your constant announcing that you are recording and collecting TCM's material probably caused the network to pull the plug on the MGMWBRKO postings we had hear, huh? I have written this before, but why don't you get it? If you are doing it-KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! WHY (WHY) do you need to announce it to the world that you are COLLECTING the films??? Have you any idea how much the copyright owners do NOT like to hear it? The very people who "worshiped" MGMWBRKO are probably the ones that forced him/her to go BYE-BYE. I thought this forum was to discuss the shorts themselves...not become an unofficial trading post.
  3. WE CAN TRADE...this is the kind of thing that is going to cause MGMWBRKO not to come back...you guys have no idea how much the copyright owners just LOVE to hear this...you want the network to give us an employees services to make this TABOO act easy for us. Once again, some of the people on this thread are gonna feel like the gang at the end of IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD...your riches shall be blowing away in the wind. The enthusiasm of this thread has been wonderful, don't get me wrong...That alone has shown TCM how much the SHORTS are loved by their viewing public-but, making this a trading post and the announcing of how we are TAPING, TIVOing, DVRing of this material should not be announced. Be cool, man...OY!
  4. Thank-You! I am glad some other people notice the Victorian "WE" being used by certain cRazy mArys out there. But, alas, some folks don't see themselves. The network is doing a fine job. It's goal is to appeal to the widest audience base possible. The programming "WE" wants would be the end of TCM as we know it. It's supposed to be BROADCASTING, not NARROWCASTING. Requesting something here and there is fine...badgering is not cool. Not everyone is a hAl RoaCh devotee ("ect"). It's enough to make a man ashamed to say they are a member of THE SONS OF THE DESERT...ummmmppphhh!!!
  5. In re to the reissue of BRATS...Roach re-released a number of 1929-31 shorts around 1937 (BRATS, PERFECT DAY, BLOTTO, COUNTY HOSPITAL, BEAU HUNKS...). It was felt that the background tracks to those films (the one's that had them) were dated. BRATS, & BLOTTO had pre-LeRoy Shield music...PERFECT DAY had no music in it's '29 release. By 1937, LeRoy Shield had worked at the Roach studio again and had "updated" many of his classic 1930-31 film cues to have a more modern "swing-ish" feel to them by 1935-36, so Roach decided to reissue some of these 6 - 8 year old films, give them new main titles and update the background scores. In many cases there are some internal film edits (BEAU HUNKS has an entire chunk taken out of the beginning of the opening scene. BRATS was a whole new print that was found, not just the soundtrack...the film itself is slightly different.
  6. If I remember correctly, the Benchly AT THE MOVIES short as it is shown on TCM (and that is on the CAVALCADE OF MGM SHORTS-VOL. 1 laser disc box set) is an incomplete re-issue print. A friend of mine has it in 16mm and it has the original titles and has more footage than what we see in most prints today.
  7. Anthony Adverse was a novel and it was made into a movie by Warner Bros but that was in 1936 they may have already owned the property in 1934 when service with a smile was made and this might have been a sly early plug but I think that it was a reference to a very popular book that everyone was reading at that time so that it is probably an very popular reference making this a topical reference in this film that was produced by Warner Bros
  8. > I think they may be doing that. I've been throughout > the boards and in March somebody noticed the Crime > Doctor movies are on Saturday same time, one a week. > The Boston ****'s, Falcon's Saints are in rows. My > cable station only had TCM for a couple years so I > missed Bowery Boys but I'll enjoy the others. I told > my boss about MGMWBRKO but I said he, then I thought > He, she I don't remember the gender mentioned or if > it's one or more person, This post has been going on > since June I've had some vacations, and that what > makes me think they may be a group. It's been posted > at least once a week ,sometimes twice and MGM has > been to other boards telling people about upcoming > movies.and I haven't forgotten MGM came in on his or > her day off to let us know about the shorts.This > station is the only one who listens. When Penny > Singleton died I contacted AMC because that's where I > saw Blondie movies, about a month later I got a > generic e-mail. but by then I forgot all about it ., > TCM is even showing Madeline sorry for the spelling > but it's similar to Letty Leton which I suppose they > can't show. I never saw either one. ...?...
  9. Guys...relax...some of you are doin' it again...remember---this is a kind service that MGMWBRKO does for us "FANS" (and, YES!...I think he/she now knows the meaning of the word FAN...in spades!)I know we all mean well. Let's have a Happy, Healthy (and calm) New Year.
  10. That is RUBY KEELER in the SIX HITS AND A MISS short. She is sporting a different hair style (longer than her usual bob). I guess getting away from AL agreed with her
  11. The Ruby Keeler and Paul Draper dance from the "SIX HITS AND A MISS" short is taken from a feature film called COLLEEN (1936-WB). It was stock footage from that film.
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