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  1. Her name is Ann-Margret. Not Margaret. Her first and middle names. Ann-Margret Olsson, and married name, Ann-Margret Smith. I have been in her company on several occasions, and she is as beautiful a soul and she looks. Such a lovely woman, and the recent death of dear Roger, who was also a kind soul, makes me sad. BYE BYE BIRDIE is such a fun movie. The cast is superb, and Onna White's staging of every musical number is sheer perfection. I love the chemistry that she and Julie Andrews share in OUR SONS, and wished they had worked together, again.
  2. This movie was fantastic, imo. I had no interest in it, whatsoever, but I loved it!
  3. He was also meant to star in Sondheim's COMPANY. In fact, the score was written for him.. He was originally interested in directing it, when it was just going to be a play. When the musical score was written he agreed to do the lead role of Bobby, but then changed his mind. When he walked away from it, they begged Dean Jones to do it, because they needed a name. The show was already being publicized with Perkins Jones did the out of town tryouts, and opened with the show, but left almost right after the opening. I was always so happy that I got to see the show in its first week. Not a
  4. WHERE EAGLES DARE was filmed in Werfen, Austria part of Salzburg province. It is the exact same location where the opening segment of the number, Do, Re, Mi was filmed for THE SOUND OF MUSIC. In fact, you see the castle, behind Maria and the kids while they are having their picnic. Both EAGLES and CROSSBOW are fine films, though I feel they show EAGLES quite a lot.
  5. I agree that the costumes and hairstyles, for that matter, are fairly awful in this movie.
  6. My issue with the prequel, is that it is too beholden to Carpenter's, vastly superior film. No reason for its existence, imo. Whereas Carpenter's film isn't really a remake of the original, but more a closer telling of the original story. That's really the reason so many can love both versions. They're so different. The prequel just does what Carpenter did, so it nothing you haven't seen before.
  7. My having paid admission to this film, 16 times, between 1960 and 1961, added greatly to its box office. It was a major obsession with me, during its theatrical release. I've seen it countless times, since.
  8. Not such a fan of his extensive intros. He says too much, imo, about the upcoming film. If you haven't seen it, you are hearing too much. Everything he says after the film is just swell, however. I've taken to recording and skipping past his intros.
  9. I love this film, as well. While it isn't my favorite sci-fi from the 50s (that would be THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL), it is certainly right near the top. I love the redo by John Carpenter, too. Both films, for me, are perfect.
  10. Yes, that's what I talking about. I watched it via Comcast On Demand. I hated it.
  11. I watched it on Comcast ON DEMAND.
  12. I found it fairly awful. Jessica Lange is incapable of a good performance, imo, unless she's playing a slightly crazed, faded Southern belle; and, she never once reminded me of Joan Crawford. Susan Sarandon did remind me of Bette Davis, but the whole thing is just so contrived, and downright dull. I won't be tuning-in for another episode.
  13. He IS TCM. I know we haven't seen him for a while, and I can't say this news surprises me, but I just don't want it to be true. Rest in Peace, terrific host. Terrific man.
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