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  1. Not sure if anyone else mentioned it (my computer is acting up,) But the TV show Castle payed homage to Hitchcock twice. The Lives of Others was a recreation of Rear Window and I believe it was the Double Down had a "criss cross" Double murder like Strangers on a Train. It's fun seeing everyone's ideas on this. I had never thought of many of these before.


    I also believe Minority Report with Tom Cruise has strong Hitchcock influences. Especially the wrongly accused man and unique camera angles.

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  2. I always enjoyed seeing Hitchcock cameos but never thought about how they related to the movie. I only saw them as just fun little windows bringing the movie into our world. You're walking down the street and then say look it's "Hitchcock". However bringing it up in this class makes me believe there might be something more.


    In this case we hear bird sounds. As others have mentioned sometimes blocking out the sounds of the street and even overriding the dialogue. This along, with the title, of course give this foreshadowing that something is going to happen with the birds. But just in case there's any doubt you see Alfred Hitchcock leaving the pet shop quickly with his dogs as Tippi Hendren walks in. It has been my observation that dogs around a pet shop usually like to stop and sniff around. This time however the dogs are pulling at the leash as if to say "let's get out of here" and Hitchcock seems to agree with them. We all know he is the direct so is privy to information we don't have yet. So in retrospect perhaps we should have listened to him and his dogs. But instead we joined Tippi Hedren as she blissfully walks in the pet shop and the apocalyptic chaos begins. I think it's just a funny little joke that Hitchcock played on us. He told us all along there was danger but we didn't listen.

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  3. I agree with others that the matchbook gives Cary Grant (Roger Thornhill) a chance for some Debonair yet self-deprecating humor. Perhaps I'm overanalyzing it but I also think I see a tinge of sadness when he says his initias are ROT and the O stands for nothing. Perhaps at this time when his life is in danger he's also going through some self evaluation. The matchbook in the scene bring some together on many levels especially a sensual one .

    *Spoiler Alert* The way the matchbook draws them together in this scene is possibly foreshadowing for how it's used to warn her in a scene towards the end of the movie. It is a reoccurring connection between the two of them. Possibly an indication that ROT no longer stands for just rot. Or like I said maybe I'm just overthinking it and it was Hitchcock's way of making us understand why she would immediately recognize the matchbook

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  4. First a quick question. Has anyone else had trouble signing on to the Forum? I was unable to sign on and unable to set my password so I finally just made a new account. Instead of going to Pluto I'm now still going to Pluto


    The thing I found most interesting in the opening credits is actually a repetition of a motif. The swirling images always have a smaller one growing out of the cener of a larger one. These patterns lseems to follow the crescendos that occur in the music. To me the effect is that you're being pulled in (Since it Vertigo, the fear of heights, maybe I should say pulled down) to a place you may or may not want to go. I think this represents not only the actual condition of vertigo but also foreshadows what will more than likely be happening in the movie.


    I say a place you may or may not want to go because I have a slight case of vertigo. I call it the fun kind because I get a little bit of a thrill from looking down -kind of like being on a roller coaster. It makes me a little dizzy so I definitely would not want to climb down while looking down but luckily it's not debilitating. The point of the story is that the swirling images, in my opinion, really are a great artistic representation of my type of vertigo.

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