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  1. What were the artistic influences on what some critics have called Hitchcock's most personal film: Vertigo? "The real reason was that I wanted to convey the dreams with great visual sharpness and clarity, sharper than the film itself. I wanted Dali because of the architectural sharpness of his work. Chirico has the same quality, you know, the long shadows, the infinity of distance and the converging lines of perspective." --Alfred Hitchcock, from his 1962 interview with François Truffaut Hitchcock was a collector of modern art and his private collection included several
  2. After live tweeting to/with Rear Window on TCM--mainly about the idea of the movie as a dream--the image of the framed photograph negative and the stack of magazines that end the opening scene kept coming to mind. I also tweeted about the concept of all of the different neighbors reflecting some aspect of Jeff and Lisa's relationship; usually in a negative way. Ultimately, with Jeff mirroring Thorwald and Lisa, Mrs. Thorwald. Remember, this is in the context of a dream, and also that in mirrors, the image you see is always reversed. This is one of the Hitchcock films that I've seen the mos
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