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  1. Flatulation jokes aside, Mel Brooks' High Anxiety is a hilarious romp through the genius of Hitchcock. My favorite scene is the phone booth, but I just think the whole movie is a riot. YouTube has some great clips of Mel Brooks' conversations with Hitchcock that show his great sense of humor and persona.
  2. Firstly, thank you for this amazing course!!! Great contributions so far on this topic. A couple that I hadn't thought of that were mentioned, Night of the Hunter and Fahrenheit 451 great movies. Also, I agree that Hitchcock would've loved Fargo. The Coen Brothers have their own magic and I don't see them borrowing that much from Hitchcock I see so many movies that feature Hitchcock inspired elements. But no one has been able to combine his whole catalog of ideas the way he did it. His works will live on forever. Some movies that I feel were inspired by Hitchcock are: The Tale
  3. Joel and Ethan Coen, brothers, have a special flair in their movies Actually, I like most of the choices mentioned so far with the exception of James Cameron
  4. The children in Ladybug Ladybug are shown leaving school accompanied by their teachers because the atomic bomb alert has gone off. They think it's a "fire drill" and the children are singing a nursery rhyme while the suspense builds. Almost exactly like the children were behaving in the Birds. I was curious if anyone knows which movie was released first?
  5. How about One Hour Photo with Robin Williams And maybe even Sunset Boulevard with William Holden, Eric Von Strohiem, and Gloria Swanson
  6. Rear Window is on my top 5 Hitchcock movies list, Rope is on my least favorite Hitchcock list. I don't really get why Rope is so admired by Hitchcock fans to such a degree that it is. To me, the only similarities are the voyeurism and filming in a confined space. Rear Window is suspenseful, entertaining,beautifully filmed, superbly acted,edited,and of course, masterfully directed. A perfect movie for all time. In my opinion, Rope is not an enjoyable movie,mostly because the acting is so stilted and unconvincing. One of Hitchcocks most essential keys is to make the audience s
  7. North by Northwest Rear Window The Thirty Nine Steps Shadow of a Doubt Notorious Runners up Strangers on a Train The Lady Vanishes Foreign Corespondent Vertigo Psycho The Birds Man Who Knew too Much (Original version)
  8. Charade directed by Stanley Donen Wait Until Dark directed by Terrence Young Witness directed by Peter Wier The Firm directed by Sidney Pollack These come to mind, I'm sure there's many others
  9. Robert Donat 39 Steps Ingrid Bergman Notorious Claude Rains Notorious Teresa Wright Shadow of a Doubt Joseph Cotton Shadow of a Doubt Peter Lorre Man who Knew too Much Original version Robert Walker Strangers on a Train Jimmy Stewart Vertigo
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