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  1. no idea on what film that is, though with that detailed a clue, I'm sure someone could get it, if only they checked out the thread. And just in case we still have the 'one guess per clue' rule, I'm not making a guess. And GWTW, I like the 'time' rule. I'd 'vote' for 48 hrs, to give folks some leeway. Also, I'd add a provision that if you knew you were going to be absent longer than that, you could post multiple clues (say 1 for each 24 hrs you'd be gone) and if we had/have the 'one guess per person per clue' rule, folks could guess as many times as the the number of clues given at once, t
  2. thanks for the post, GWTW. I still don't see any *reason* for the 'one guess per chue' rule. A 'one guess per person per clue', makes sense, but why make everyone wait on the 'MC' to log back in before the game can continue? In addition, it puts pressure on the MC to log in several times a day to check to see if there's been a guess yet. And finally, what do you do when someone answers correctly but isn't the first to respond for that clue? It happened before as you noted, it happened this time, and with new folks always coming along and not knowing the original rule, it's sure to happen in th
  3. Oops, Nos.. forgot to thank you: thanks for the info on movie, The Miracle Mile. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.
  4. Congratulations, JH, you are 100% correct. The movie was The War of the Worlds, which has a special place in my heart since it was the first movie I ever saw, before I had ever even seen television. Well, before my family had a TV anyway... it's possible we had been invited to a neighbor's home to see a TV before the time I went to the movie: my memories are fairly cloudy that far back. Anyway, it is now your turn to pick a flick and start the clues roling. Good luck! And thanks to all who participated. P.S. According to the original rules, there is only supposed to be one guess per cl
  5. I apologize, Nos, but I can't say whether your guess is a good one or not (though I'm sure it's the latter), since *embarrassed aura* I can't remember ever hearing of a movie titled Miracle Mile. I know of 'the' Miracle Mile, a ridiculously successful advertising gimmick for a portion of Wilshire Blvd. in L.A., but nothing of a movie by that name. I'm sure someone, perhaps you, will enlighten me. Anyway, I guess it's time for another, though perhaps 'less easy' : Clue #8: a stained glass window.
  6. Guess it's time for another clue, specially since I won't be around during the baseball games (my one other love on TV than TCM). Also, guess it's time to start making some of the clues a bit 'easier', so here goes Clue # 7: Los Angeles
  7. I quite agree Joe, and I apologize if I misworded my response so as to sound as if I were criticizing you... no criticism was intended, but I fear it sorta sounds that way even to me when I reread it. And it's so true that most everyone who posts here is in love with classic movies, and a bunch of the folks, unlike me, really know their stuff! Ike
  8. I think it *is* a great topic, Phoebe (great name too!). Alas, there probably aren't many 4-5 minute long monologues in the movies, since they'd rarely keep the general public's interest riveted for that long. Still there are some great monologues or near monologues. I'll toss out a few, others may well think of better ones. Some of the 'good guy's' longish sequences from Twelve Angry Men can't be too bad. There's also a great monologue in The Fountainhead (that's the one bout the architect, right, not Atlas Shrugged? --always mix those novels/movies up), but of course Ayn Rand's philosoph
  9. I constantly fear (guess I'm quite the pessimist) that TCM will gradually go the way of cheapest, quickest fast buck, and lose its wonderful unique position in cable/dish television. One reason I fear that is that if it were the terribly lucrative, others would have copied the format by now. Hopefully I'm wrong, and perhaps the MGM/Turner library gives TCM a unique ability to be nicely profitable. Or perhaps good ol' Ted still has the clout to keep it as it is to 'atone' for all his colorizations (he's one of my favorites in the business world, and I don't have many there!) (love Jane Fonda to
  10. "just for the record", Joe, not all of us (or at least one of us not) consider ourselves 'pretty knowledgeable' about classic movies. I love 'em, but claim little knowledge, especially that I can remember anyway. I mention this mostly so no one will feel 'inadequate' posting here. But also, if Joe is mostly right, sure would be fun to have more of you regularly responding to the three ongoing triva threads in the trivia forum! Two of them are restarted weekly, the other is over a year old now, where folks try to guess what a classic movie is from clues provided, and the winner becomes the
  11. Someone else might be able to define or explain it more clearly, but here's my try: Double-talk is a comedy gag where a person speaks a series of words that have the grammar and inflection that make them sound like they mean something, but if you actually listen to the words you realize that they don't make any sense at all. Of course, one sound clip would be worth a thousand words of explanation.
  12. Good guess, GWTW, but that's not it. At the risk of making this sound like it's The Sound of Music (which it isn't), except for the nuke clue, here is Clue #6: a hymn
  13. good guess, but that's not it. Clue #4: three colors
  14. Apologies in advance for mistakes in my quotations, but here are a few that I think deserve nomination: Dr. Stranglove (OHILTSWALTB) is full of them, but I guess the best is Sellers' "You can't fight here... this is the WAR ROOM!" Much more subtle, but I love the line, Zhivago/Sharif to Lara/Christie, "I think we should go mad if we think about such things." And finally, yes, it's best known as a funny line, but it's a great line too, and thank heaven for the brief period of pre-code talkies: "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Mae West of course.
  15. Interesting guesses. As for what constitutes 'cheating', I'll leave that to those who've played the game longer than I. I have no idea if it's 'ok' to check web sites to help you remember a movie. In any case, it's a moot point at the moment, since that is not the movie. So, on to... Clue #3: a nuclear explosion (that should narrow it down a bit )
  16. Thanks for the positive vibes, GWTW. Got my movie picked. (And no, it's not Kelly's Heroes. ) Clue #1: a church
  17. Thank you for the information. Do you (or does anyone) know yet if any 'intimate' letters or other communication between her and Tracy are in the collection? I'm not sure if I hope there are or not: their well-known (however accurate) unfulfilled love seems such a tragic story; I'm not sure if any details on it belong to the public or not.
  18. STTL. A good and very enjoyable actor, and apparently a good man as well. Not to take anything away from him, but having been brought up on '50's TV, I can't say he is "THE" Superman... his 'namesake', George Reeves, has to be given at least honorable mention. The older, though of course not the first, superman's death was also very sad (suicide, said to be from depression about being typecast). Though I wish such a death on no one, I remember that when George Reeves died (and I was a teenager at the time I think) it seemed appropriate, while still very regrettable, that the 'only' Superman fo
  19. Have to disagree, Sloppy... to my mind, it's SF when the plot is not inconsistent with known science, fantasy when it is. By that definition, Dune, Asimov's 20-odd connected novels of future history, etc., are SF (as is, for that matter, Jane Auel's Clan of the Cave Bear), but Tolkien, etc. are not. I don't see what length has to do with the definition as it is generally accepted. (Though whether Auel fits in the 'generally accepted' definition is arguable; just my gut feeling on that.) As for what makes the best movies, that's another question of course. It's certainly easier to make a no
  20. Vg, GJ... your turn now, since no one seems to have the answer to the Top Hat question.
  21. wow.. can't believe I got it. Guess that means I have to come up with the next one. I'll need a bit of time to think of a movie I can do well enough. Will post soon as I have decided. Thanks for the last one, 6.
  22. Well, I watched all the Lorre-Greenstreet movies tonight, and none of them start with the pawn shop sign. Disappointing, but the movies certainly weren't. So, that rules out the 5 films listed in Path's post a while back. It's not in the Bogie films (Casablanca and TMF), so that leaves two. One of them is being shown Monday, so I'll try to catch that one. If not there, then I'll have to track down what was the 9th L-G collaboration.
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