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  1. I'm still here, though I know I may not be known very well here, I have been reading these boards for years and have been a member on them for a while. I do enjoy so many of yalls posts and I do hope that no one will leave the boards just because of the technical changes. -Phoebe
  2. You shant worry too much, I live here in Austin Texas and though we will be getting a LOAD full of rain starting friday morning we are mainly expected to flood and there will be a few tornado watches. Houston However is being evactuated as I speak so I guess we'll see.
  3. Thank you for your responses. I think I will rent the movie just to compare.
  4. I had to read this book for school several years ago and though it was a very different book from what I normally read I actually enjoyed it. Today I was looking at the the movie's cast on imdb and I saw that Orson Welles, Anthony Perkins, Martin Sheen and several other very familiar actors were in this and I was curious if any one had seen this movie and what you thought of it. Thanks, Phoebe
  5. I don't know if I can that much of a help cause I'm about where you are on the subject but I do know that "slapstick comedy" is derived more from physical interactions, real exaggeration of harmless violence. You see alot of slapstick in the road movies with bing and bob. I can't really think of a way to describe Screwball. Just more goofiness in words or actions. Hope I was of some help at all. -phoebe
  6. Back in 2004 the idea came up but no time frame was set and no director was picked. I read that Marlene Dietrich's relatives actually applaud the idea of Gweneth Paltrow playing the role. I don't think it will end up being made, but then again you never know. -phoebe
  7. I have read/ seen many of Tennessee Williams plays or the movie adaptations and they make me feel that way too they can be very sad. But I still like them, I like the drama. Street Car is very very sad though isnt it? I thought that Vivien Leigh did an amazing job in that movie.
  8. I am almost positive it was in The Magic Christian?
  9. I was watching My Favorite Wife last night and that movie just cracks me up every time I watch it. Cary Grant and Irene Dunne are so funny together.
  10. Wow thats great I can imagine how much fun you must of had. And thanks I will check those other threads. -Phoebe
  11. Hey larry I don't know where it's been posted before and I haven't time to look but I read many of your posts on this thread and I was curious and very interested in how it was that you were so lucky to know so many stars? Sorry if I sound ignorant it's just I don't get around to the threads as often as I used to. -phoebe
  12. What about Sex and the Single Girl Turner has that too right?
  13. Oh Waterloo Bridge is so sad. But it is one of my favorites.
  14. Since the theme this month is cars in the movies I thought I would ask all of you what your favorite taxi cab or car scene in a movie is? I was thinking one of my favorites is the on in the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Interested to know the rest of yours. -Phoebe
  15. I love the story of Phantom of the Opera. I don't think that very many productions of Phantom of the Opera were alot like the book. I'm curious where did you get your Lon Chaney verion? I haven't looked for it yet but I want to get that movie too.
  16. Though I am sure you are correct as well, I have an old radio recording of frank on a radio show where he does mention always getting in trouble with his mother for making holes all over his bedroom walls from hanging pictures of Bing. - I don't know if Bing was his hero necessarily but he sure must have admired him as an artist and with a voice like that who wouldn't.
  17. I just read that Madonna was asked to play Lana turner in a movie about Tyrone Powers life a few years ago.. Curious, did any one else ever hear anything about that?
  18. Though I respect all opinions, I agree strongly with GWTWbooklover. Scarlett O'Hara is by far my favorite character of all time she represents everything that I could ever wish to be. Also as a woman I must defend my beloved Rhett Butler, if there was any one who did not frown upon Scarlett doing a "mans job" or running her lumber business it was him.
  19. Gypsy, Gwtwbooklover, and therealfuster, it is wonderful to hear all of your views on Gone With The Wind and reading in general. Unlike you Gypsy and Therealfuster, I do not have family members that share my deep love for classic movies/ novels with. I was enchanted by your stories of when you all first read GWTW. I first read it when I was 14 and still until this day I have read no book that has topped it. -phoebe
  20. I was wondering... Out of all of you that have read Gone With the Wind and have seen the movie, how many of you believe it is better to read the book before seeing the movie or to see the movie and then read the book, or how many of you do not think it matters at all? -Phoebe
  21. Larry do come back. I am very interested that you own so many movies, I wonder how long did it take you to get such a collection? Do not be offended by Gypsy and Neil, I believe their intentions were merely to stand up for what they believe. -Phoebe
  22. It was a gift from my boy friend's father he got it personally signed some what years ago (I'm not exzactly sure when, I'll have to find out). He knew how much I loved frank so for my birthday he gave it to me. -phoebe
  23. Old movies are contageous arnt they? I find it's hard not to share the movies you love with the people you know when you love the movies so much. In just the few years I've been into old movies its amazing all one can learn.
  24. I'm 16. Isnt it funny how it seems to have a chain effect. Like I love lucy starting it for yall and for me it was that I love old music so I watched a bing crosby movie (holiday inn) and then fell in love with fred astair and then it went on and on from there and that was 3 years ago. -phoebe
  25. I have no original movie posters sadly but my room is decorated with movie reproducted posters of classic movies. I do have an autographed picture of frank sinatra hanging on my wall that I am very proud of! -phoebe
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