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  1. most kind. No, I'm just your average movie fan, who finds the offbeat things about films the most interesting, like Traven's origins and I had read some old articles in magazines about him a few years ago, and thought since TCM shows this movie often, that it might be of interest to some who like the film. I'm glad if you enjoyed reading it. Thanks and have a great weekend!
  2. Traven supposedly had as many aliases and backgrounds, as Fields had bank accounts, though some say that legend is unfounded. And aren't you glad that John Huston and Bogart convinced Walter to take his teeth out to play the prospector? Apparently Walter was a bit against this idea, as even he had some ego about his looks, and did not want to appear toothless on screen. Have a nice weekend, Mongo and I shall be departing now so take care!
  3. Someone once said, "There are those who write fiction...and those who live it." B. Traven was both. The author of 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre' obscured his origins, much like Colonel Tom Parker [who was no Colonel or even American!]. B. Traven was reported to have been: Ambrose Bierce, a group of leftist Hollywood scriptwriters, a black American ex-slave, or the illegitimate son of Kaiser Wilhelm. Some of the occupations he is said to have toiled at are: photographer, merchant seaman, fruit farmer, explorer. Some of the nationalities he claimed were: English, Swedish, Lithuanian, Ameri
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