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  1. I am so jealous of a poster who possesses the superior intellect and acerbic wit that you have shown in all your posts, that I am green with envy! Would that you might actually make some posts that are not in this thread though, as the throngs would appreciate seeing some actual conversation concerning movies from you, I bet in some of their threads too. Why should only I be the fortunate one..alas. Just my guess though about future posting from you, since if the main course is as fulfilling as your verbal appetizers, I think that we have found the match for H.L.Mencken and his erudite
  2. for the Forties, well actually the Twenties, and Thirties too, and maybe the Fifties and Sixties. Okay, I can stop there as I definitely do not have a fond feeling for the Seventies or Eighties! Interestingly, though one might think living through the Depression and War Years was quite debilitating, I too have had relatives talk about the fun things they did trading ration stamps, and collecting foil into those balls, and having hose [this was the women relatives of course, although my relatives being quite outre, not only knew gay people from that time period, but knew some rather wil
  3. not. Why should I make your self appointed dictatorship easier for you?
  4. as it is about a butler who takes charge when his dimwitted Lord of the Manor has no idea what to do in an emergency. This was made into a British film in 1957, from the J.M. Barrie play and stars Kenneth More, Sean Connery's ex-wife, Diane Cilento, Sally Ann Howes, Cecil Parker and Martita Hunt. Maybe you could request it as a possible movie for TCM? I'm assuming your second question is not about someone from the same movie, so I might venture as a guess perhaps Eleanor Powell, who seemed to me to dance ramrod straight, but there are others who it could be also. Maybe someone
  5. That movie has Ray Danton in it too, plus guys who later became more famous like Jack Cassidy, Chad Everett and Alex Cord. No, I had not remembered the last three being in it, but just refreshed my mind at IMDb. I simply love those late Fifties or early Sixties exposes on film, of the secret sex lives of those WASPY American couples in suburbia of the Fabulous Fifties, and of the very Douglas Sirk archetypes. Your mentioning of "The Chapman Report" made me think of Kim Novak in that film with Kirk Douglas called "Strangers When We Meet" wherein they are allusions to Kim maybe being a bit
  6. Martha Vickers is the quintessential nymphomaniac on film, and thanks for mentioning her. Carmen Sternwood is just the icing on the cake, in that film! Thanks!
  7. "rude", yet non-onanistic header line style...to respond to you and say that though I've salivated occasionally, enjoyed solidating in my time, been a victim of solicitation and solicitude, and been salsainundated, I've never been accused of "soliciating" so I doubt most indubitably your perspicacity in saying that you were responding to "unsoliciated information" in your post concerning my or any other TCM viewer's evening hobbies. Is this a new word you've coined, as it is most interesting and I think you should supply it to Ambrose Bierce for his next lexicon collection. That's a rh
  8. I remember Hal coming for dinner. And I also remember Lucy and Ethel going to Hal's apartment I think, and looking through scads of lingerie and peignoirs, that he was going to give them cutrate. You know Lucy, always looking for a bargain. And poor Ethel had the old cheapskate Fred, so even a bargain was usually too expensive for her. Sorry if I made one episode into two, and thanks for the correction!
  9. about the glamorous Gloria Grahame, if you can find it. I've seen it on Amazon, but may be out of print. It is an excellent biography of the movie queen, detailing her many loves and losses. Here's the old listing I had of it, of books that friends of mine were searching for: "Suicide Blonde: The Life of Gloria Grahame" by Vincent Curcio * Hardcover: 319 pages * Publisher: William Morrow & Co; 1st ed edition (October 1, 1989) * ISBN: 0688067182
  10. I saw those listed in the new Movies Unlimited catalog I just got, and it looks like a great collection, especially for Tierney lovers. Did you see the other similar boxed sets of various genres?
  11. two of my favorite movies..."Detour" and Ida Lupino's "The Hitch-Hiker". That movie with William Talman, as one of the nastiest hitchhikers ever to be out on the road thumbing a ride [well except for maybe Lawrence Tierney!] is a classic, and not too many people, outside of films buffs have seen it. It's great that TCM is showing it, as it has major writing pedigree what with the participation of the great, Lucille Fletcher, who wrote "Sorry Wrong Number" as a radio play, and also the similarly named episode of the Twilight Zone, with Inger Stevens, which was also spooky...yet an entirely
  12. not "night" in my little neck of the world's woods, but viewed as late afternoon, to be spent on the veranda sipping Brandy Alexanders, but why quibble? Your antipathy is not that of a neophyte, since only familiarity breeds contempt, but if masquerades please you..carry on. If you are home "tonight" at 6:00pm, may I suggest you watch the fine TCM film below, as I think it will resonate with you: "6:00 pm Light In The Piazza (1962) A woman's efforts to marry off her daughter are hindered by a family secret. Olivia de Havilland, Yvette Mimieux, George Hamilton. Director: Gu
  13. When you say "badly edited" I think you are sugarcoating it. One of the last movies I watched on TCM ages ago, was Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train". At the part where the [oops, spoilers ahead!] merry-go-round goes beserk and starts speeding up, AMC apparently also decided to speed up the movie to make a photo finish, and I could barely watch the action. I then recalled that during the film, certain action scenes had seemed to run at an alarming rate of speed, that would rival the Keystone Kops programmers. But at least they had the excuse of using different sprocket hole distances,
  14. Richard Basehart as Roy Martin in "He Walked By Night"?
  15. show this one recently? I seem to remember seeing it and was mesmerized by the costumes and decor. Excellent choice and I shall now want to resee it to get more of a handle on Myrna's character, in view of your fine description of her. As I'm sure you know [but I didn't] this is a film according to IMDb which has many missing minutes, even on the DVD. Thanks!
  16. And by the way, I'm mutually flattered to be confused with you. Margaret did write a bang up book, and it seems like many American women have read it in their teens or early years. What I'd like to know is how many young males read it. I just have never met too many. My aunts, mother and grandmother were all like yours, Gypsy and talked about reading it and their experiences seeing the film. These were all big library visitors, who would get a book like "Rebecca" and try to read it in one night. But GWTW does take a lot longer, unless one is a speed reader, and why speed read it, as it
  17. You've really upped the bar with those choices for the TCM guest chair, and it would be fun to see what they would pick as four favorite films. I had to go look up Atom, not thinking I'd seen any of his films, but was happy to see "The Sweet Thereafter" on it at IMDb which I really did enjoy. As for the comments by Seconal and the Gibber, I really owe them bigtime. Thanks to being responsive to their factitious posts, I have reached a new high of 900 posts just today, so I shall toast them tonite while I watch my Movies Unlimited copy of Maria Montez and Turhan Bey in that Ali Baba mov
  18. to know your limits, and if one has nothing to say, it is proper to keep one's posts to be of the shortwinded kind. Short subjects, like Mickey Rooney are amusing and always entertaining. If, on the other hand, one has a lot to say, and is talking about the Rosetta Stone, it is unfair to shirk the responsibility of doing the subject matter justice. And trust me...I do have a lot to say about movies, and only a limited number of years to say it in. Being that I find movies to be of the utmost interest, I shall promise to continue giving them the longwinded treatment which they d
  19. excellent in that film, Feaito. I do enjoy Malone's most breezy and tortured portrait, and the film as a whole has so many attributes, great direction by Sirk, melodramatic though it may be, a great cast, and that wonderful theme song at the beginining with the leaves swirling around the mansion. Oh, and it has Grant Williams as the cute garage guy. Thanks for the Dorothy vote!
  20. can you name that woman? Now I can't rightly say man, because that would be about satyrs, which is a whole different thing, and Hollywood films concentrate much more on the distaff half in these compromising matters. In truth, anyone with a smattering of knowledge from Masters and Johnson knows, that Hollywood's take on ****, is not really very accurate. Just like their overusage of the patented Amnesia storyline, to get where they want to go in the script, Tinseltown producers use the Nymphomaniac hook, when they want to add some spice to a film, ignoring the real, and rather unpleasa
  21. thanks for noticing, in your triptych of posts, that I am going for the Guinness Book of World Records award, for the most posts in a year at TCM message boards! I have a good start but really need to put on the steam in the next three months, and I'm hoping for 200 posts a month to cinch it, instead of the measly 100 that lazy me has been accomplishing. By the way, welcome...as I notice you too just registered and surprisingly only a few days before our other new poster, Sectionone7. You seem to have a lot in common, and I'm sure you both will enjoy yourself here. I feel that the post
  22. you just registered on June 29, 2005, and I am such a fortunate individual to have received one of your initial posts. I do consider it an honor, and thank you! As for "changing subject lines", could you possibly mean altering the header line to accommodate a peripheral thought? I'm afraid I do find your train of thought a bit convoluted, my fault of naturally. If so, then I do it...because I believe it is called, freedom of expression, and it is everything that Frank Capra fought for in films, so I shall continue to do it till the day I die. I'm sorry if you find it "rude",
  23. and Elspeth Dudgeon. Oh, Feaito you are so right, TCM really needs to play this as it is a cornucopia of treasures for horror film fans! I am the biggest Ernest Thesiger freak in existence maybe. I shall bow to others insane devotion though, who also will watch anything he is in...like "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone". This film is very black-comedyish, and it makes me laugh just thinking of Ernest and his potatoes on a fork, offering them to his startled guests in that voice of ennui. Horror and comedy can work well, particularly when they are combined in such a morass of moribun
  24. Yes, Howdy was NOT an only child! And yes, that Hal March. The episode I remember him in was the one where I think Lucy wanted to set him up as a bachelor date for one of her female friends. i think Ricky wanted her to butt out, and said she just did not want Hal to remain the happy bachelor he was. I also think he may have sold lingerie in one episode, but I'm not sure.
  25. "Fester" instead of "Fuster", haha! I like it. I may change my name in honor of Jackie Coogan!
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