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  1. Thanks so much for the prompt responses. It was the Taylor/Clift film, definitely. I plan to rewatch it soon.
  2. I'm trying to find the name of a movie I saw years ago. In it, a man and his wife/girlfriend/fiance? are out in a lake/river? in a small boat. He has planned to intentionally overturn the boat so that she drowns. He has a last-minute change of heart, but somehow the boat overturns anyway,and she drowns. At least, that's how I remember it. Thanks for any help.
  3. Dan, you are absolutely right. I always did get Cliff Robertson confused with Robert Stack. Thanks a lot.
  4. In the 80' or 90's, there was a movie in which a group of American military men (? reservists, national guardsmen??) or maybe just a hunting party, run afoul of local rustics and the result is,of course, gunfire and killing. At least part of the story, maybe all, is told by a member of the first group. He is apparently not fully conscious and he is looking out, with blurry vision, through window shades in a hospital or nursing home. The implication is that he will be ther the rest of his life. I think it starred Robert Stack. For years, I thought it was "Southern Comfort", but I watched this m
  5. About 5-7 years ago, on late night television, I saw the last part of a color Western that had an uncredited very young (late teens-early twenties?) Dennis Hopper in a very minor role as the son of blacksmith, wronged by outlaws. He had only one or two lines: "They can't do that to us , can they, Pa?" or something similar. The musical theme was a haunting work with the refrain "boo-ooot hill, boo-ooot hill" I don't remember any of the other actors. Any ideas as to the title?
  6. I saw a b&w movie (drama or thriller?)in the mid-late 1950's that I think was filmed much earlier. In about the only scene I remember, a well-dressed man was standing in front of a fireplace or wall mirror in a mansion and moved or manipulated something on the mantel. This caused a trap door to open beneath him, dropping him into an underground river very, very far below. does anyone know what movie this was?
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