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    I love black and white movies. I also love old New York City. I was also born about fifty years too late to have experienced either of these things first hand. Thanks however, to Turner Classic Movies, the internet and memories of growing up watching the old black and white five o’clock after school movies, I think I’ve become a pretty good connoisseur of both.

    Among my other interests are traveling, my dog Lulu, listening to music, interior decorating and avoiding exercising at any cost.
  1. 1. With the three window shades being drawn up, it reminds me of how movies would start in the old days with the curtains being pulled open. I think this is Hitch's way of inviting us into the "world" of REAR WINDOW. I think the audience has the vantage point here. I think Hitch is trying to make us feel what it's like to spy on someone. I think it's here where he's laying the groundwork for the movie where he's going to make us feel what it's like to be a voyeur. 2. We learn that Jeff is a daring action photographer. We also learn that his apartment is more of a storage place than a home as there is so much stuff strewn about. 3. I've seen this movie so many times and I never thought about this! I suppose I feel rather voyeuristic watching the opening scene (but I think that can probably be said about every movie we watch). Looking into the other people's apartments, I feel curious and that I want to know more about them. I think however, that's what Hitch wants---he gives us just enough info about them to whet our appetites and leaves us wanting to know MORE! 4.This is definitely his most cinematic film! Besides the main story, he also has the stories of the neighbors going on as well and he gives them just as much detail as the main characters.
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