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  1. In keeping with the Halloween spirit (no pun intended), Danny Elfman's "This Is Halloween" seems to be in order:
  2. It works very effectively. I don't know if you have seen Chaney's talkie remake, but what works is the fact that he is using his voice talents (even though we cannot hear them) as well as costume and makeup. Even though we don't hear him speak, he conveys the idea that he is speaking as an old woman while he is masquerading as an old woman. So even though he plays a ventriloquist, it is not really awkward that we can't hear him.
  3. You're right, Sans, it is a cute little video. While this isn't a fox (speaking or not), it is a fun tune by the Everly Brothers. "Bird Dog" :
  4. The most significant value to many 45s from the '50s '60s or even later would be if they were released with a picture sleeve. Since there were a limited number released with one and many of these were either thrown out, written on, or damaged in some other way. There are fewer of these survving and they command the most value. For example, you can find many copies of The Beatles' "Lady Madonna" on a 45 rpm, but are not likely to find the picture sleeve that Capitol released for it, and if you do, it will cost at least $30+, way more if it is in mint condition.
  5. I do like "Back On The Chain Gang" too, but it was a different Pretenders line up that made that song. Their lead gutiarist, James Honeyman-Scott had died of an overdose. Billy Bremner, a member of Nick Lowe's band Rockpile, filled in on guitar, and Tony Butler from Big Country played bass, as Pete Farondon was fired from the band earlier in 1982. The reason I mention any of this is beacause the sound of the band changed a bit with the death of Honeyman-Scott. He was responsible for many of the band's arrangements and was a fine guitarist. This takes nothing away from Bremner or Robbie Ma
  6. "Mystery Achievment" is an excellent song, I really like "Time The Avenger" too. I saw them perform in Costa Mesa in 1984. Great show! "Mystery Achievment": "Time The Avenger":
  7. Another gem from the Pretenders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu559lkzyqQ
  8. Very nice, miss w! In memory of our friend Kyle, something from the Traveling Wilburys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW9S5mAspZ0
  9. I am saddened at the news of Kyle's passing. I always looked forward to his wonderful postings in the movie poster thread and his ephemerals thread. He was a very classy individual and I will miss him. Rest in peace my friend.
  10. Thanks, Miss W! I thought you might like another dose of Jeff Beck & Rod Stweart. "Shapes Of Things":
  11. I like Rod's early stuff (with Faces and Jeff Beck Group) the best. Faces, "Stay With Me": Jeff Beck Group, "You Shhok Me": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3j0weYLXw4
  12. A jazz man that I have always enjoyed is Bix Beiderbecke. His performance on "I'm Coming Virginia" shows that he could certainly be classified as a pioneer of the style that would later be called "cool jazz" "I'm Coming Virginia":
  13. > crazyblonde7 wrote: BING CROSBY in 30's and 40's. What a voice! What a Crooner! Very true! "Out Of Nowhere":
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