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  1. Larry, your travel descriptions have not been boring or redundant. In fact, they've been colorful and educational at the same time. Some of us have even gotten a renewed interest in Russian history. Your descriptions were so vivid. When I looked at Yahoo's photo coverage of the reburial it just matched up with everything you had already written to us. Many thanks, and have a good trip home to Canada.
  2. Larry, this is the most interesting and detailed thread I've read so far. I enjoy all the visual details and appreciate the time it takes to keep us informed of your itinerary. It all seems very grand, impressive, and very educational. I can't wait to read about the rest of your experiences this week. Enjoy, and many thanks.
  3. Thanks TMS. WOW is right! What a hat! This is still the best thread of all the forums. I am really looking forward to the 28th. 'Hedy day' should be great.
  4. I enjoy reading this thread every day. Thanks to GM and others for all their photos and information about Hedy Lamarr.
  5. Just want to say thanks for all the terrific photos of Hedy Lamarr. You must have an unbelievable collection of Garbo memorabilia!
  6. I agree 100%. And I also mute the sound when Mankiewicz appears. Sometimes he seems a little more respectful of classic film stars but then he slides back into the sarcasm. Didn't TCM realize this commercial would only make Osborne seem even more distinguished, especially when BM is shown on a skateboard? Other than their wonderful films with no commercials, the best thing TCM has going is Robert Osborne.
  7. I'm a new subscriber, but I thought I had received my June issue in early May. That's why I thought there was a printing delay, and now I'm thinking it's a west coast delivery delay.
  8. I'm in California and have not yet received the August issue of Now Playing. I was wondering if there was a printing delay due to the schedule change for August 6th?
  9. You're right this is a fun thread. The first film I saw in a theatre was Lillies of the Field. I was six and had just started going to Catholic school and there were some more nuns!
  10. I agree about Richard Widmark. I'd like to see him included in the Summer Under the Stars selections. He's great to watch.
  11. Thank you for mentioning B.M's comments about Clark Gable during his introduction to The King and Four Queens. It was too much. Nobody deserves an intro like that, especially Gable. I've listened to Ben's sarcasm and comments about "chickflicks", etc., so now I just turn the sound off before the film begins. TCM shouldn't let him do an intro to The Way We Were, you can tell B.M. doesn't want to do it. I wish some of us could call his telephone booth on his set and ask him why he presents the intros and closings in such a manner.
  12. Thank you Elysia for a lovely New Years post. After reading another member's posting it appears Robert Osborne is a very classy person in real life as he is on TCM. I hope he knows his work is well appreciated by his TCM viewers.
  13. I'd also like to see Olivia DeHaviland and Maureen O'Hara. My other selections would be Jean Simmons, Michael Caine, Sidney Poitier, Cyd Charisse with Tony Martin, Jack Cardiff, and Doris Day.
  14. I vote for Ava Gardner. I think her beauty was just breathtaking, but she had an earthiness to her that just made her characters come alive. My favorites are Mogambo and Night of the Iguana. She worked well opposite Gable and Burton. Nothing against Lana Turner, but I'd say Gardner just held your attention longer in more of her films.
  15. I agree with all that's been said about the wonderful presentation TCM has done with musicals this month. One look at what AMC does to films and the poor quality of their signal and they make TCM look like a gem. Sometimes when I see a great film is to be on AMC my immediate reaction is "I wish it was on TCM". I'm thankful this network is around in what seems to be a sea of reality television.
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