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  1. Yes, Warner Home Video did confirm earlier this year that 2008 should see DVD releases for the Saint, Falcon, Philo Vance, and Perry Mason series. They were asked about Torchy Blane and their response was that it depended on sales of the Nancy Drew set they put out this year. Here's hoping that they follow through and the folks at Columbia will look at their series as well.
  2. Thanks to TCMProgrammer for the response; it is much appreciated. I must say (and this is in no way a criticism of TCM) that Sony is doing a terrible job of inventorying (if that's a word) their assets if they can't come up with Jungle Jim prints (or Carry On or Crime Doctor). Jungle Jim was shown many times on AMC not that many years ago. These films don't just fall off the face of the earth. If they somehow became damaged in the intervening years then that doesn't say much for their film preservation crew.
  3. Does anyone know why the Jungle Jim films were removed from the November schedule? Also removed were some Carry On films plus the Crime Doctor film SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT that was not shown earlier because Sony couldn't find a print despite this airing on cable in recent years.
  4. I only caught bits and pieces of DRESSED TO KILL and it looked like the cruddy PD version to me. The restored version looks much nicer. It's a shame that TCM only has the same 4 PD Holmes to show. While they are enjoyable, the real gems are in SCARLET CLAW, PEARL OF DEATH, ADVENTURES OF which have not been on TCM in recent memory. Surely UCLA/MPI can come to some sort of arrangement with TCM to publicize these?
  5. Thanks TCM for showing these and I hope you can show the others. Also, I hope the first two can be shown again. The running times listed were short compared to the actual print which caused my recorder to not catch the entire first film. Fortunately I was able to get the second film despite the extra 9 minutes. Maybe a Saturday morning showings like the Crime Doctors are getting?
  6. Dear TCMProgrammer - It appears that the Crime Doctor series in finishing in May. Thank you very much for scheduling these. Would you please share some insight as to why SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT is not part of this series (rights issue, elements issue)? It is the only one of the series that will not be aired. As the posting below indicates, it was aired on the Movie Channel several years ago. If memory serves, wasn't Mr. Osborne the on air host for them at that time. Thanks.
  7. Great line-up! Thanks to TCM for continuing to show the Crime Doctor films. Hopefully the remaining Lone Wolf, Whistler, and Boston **** films will also get aired soon.
  8. Hi, The April schedule is now up and it appears SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT is not on the schedule. However the next 4 sequential Crime Doctors are (including the rare MILLERSON CASE and JUST BEFORE DAWN). Does TCMProgrammer or anyone else have any information about why SHADOWS is not being shown? Does Sony not have a broadcast quality print? Or is this being saved for later? As previously stated, this was originally on the March schedule but got removed. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Initially TCM had 4 Crime Doctor films on the March schedule. Now there are only 3 with SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT, perhaps the best of the whole series, no longer showing up. Has this been deferred to a later month or are their rights/other issues that caused this to be pulled. Thanks!
  10. Thanks TCM!! Folks who are not familiar with these Columbia mystery series are in for a real treat. I've always considered the Crime Doctor films to be hidden gems. One of the most entertaining mystery series ever produced. Unlike other series, there is little comic relief which helps the films since Baxter is allowed to do his "thing" naturally. The scripts are top notch. Similarly, the Boston **** and Lone Wolf films are great fun and have very charismatic leads and great sidekicks (George Stone/Eric Blore). The Saint/Falcon films have been gone way too long so it's great to
  11. The short answer to the OP's question is that Hallmark/Lion's Gate has no interest in funding a release of these shorts because the current head of the video division, Steve Beeks, doesn't think black and white films are marketable. The first L&H collection they put out used 20+ year old video masters which included artificial fadeouts where commercials used to go. If Warner Home Video owned these, we would see first class collections being released.
  12. There has been no announcement by Warners of a Hildegarde Withers collection. Warners is looking at releasing some of the detective series they have, but other than the Monogram Charlie Chans I've not seen where they've actually identified the ones being released. Speculation is running high that the Saint/Falcon films will be among the first releases, but again, that's only speculation. I wish the Withers would get released. I had recorded both movies that aired today, but one had a picture freeze for close to a minute and the other had transmission problems as well. The transmis
  13. > does anyone know how to pronounce this > name without sounding vaguely obscene? Very carefully
  14. What kind of information are you looking for?
  15. Hi, I thought I'd bump this old thread up to see if there were any new developments in TCM's discussions with Sony/Columbia about licensing some of their library, particularly the mystery series (Crime Doctor, Boston ****, etc.) that are awaiting rediscovery. Thanks!
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