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  1. Oh ! I must be getting blind..Not sure how I missed that !
  2. I agree about Joel McCrea, but there are many others that have never been honored such as Loretta Young and Gene Tierney. I checked the list out and only see Garbo listed twice May 1994 and Sept 2005. When was she honored for the 3rd time ?
  3. I see that my favorite all time star Doris Day will be the star of the month in April. But instead of scheduling her movies on a peticular day of the week, they have scheduled her movies all within the 1st week of April..I'm curios. Anyone know why ?
  4. I am wondering if TCM will be airing a tribute to Patricia Neal. In my opinion Henry Fonda or Katherine Hepburn should be replaced with Patricia Neal during summer under the stars.
  5. Wow I had no clue that Miss Grayson died til I watched the Oscars last night..I hope i didnt miss the tcm tribute to her as well.
  6. Actress 1. Doris Day 2. Hellen Hayes 3. Bette Davis 4. Gene Tierney 5. Rosalind Russell Actor 1. Montgomery Clift 2. Paul Muni 3. James Cagney 4. Gregory Peck 5. Robert Montgomery
  7. Can someone tell me why Doris Day was canceled from Summer Under The Stars with out any out any explanation?
  8. Hey your choices are great...However Myrna had her month last september...
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