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  1. The 500 member Meetup.com *TCM CLASSIC MOVIE FAN CLUB OF LOS ANGELES* will be holding its 2nd annual Holiday Party next Sunday 12/22/13 at MJ's Bar in the Silverlake district of L.A. Our members will be joining cabaret legend Lori Donato's tribute to the holidays with *live holiday music* from 4-8pm (including a number of song's that originated in classic Hollywood movies). Lori is a pianist and vocalist who has performed all over the U.S. in nightclubs, cabarets, on cruise ships and special events (including a fairly recent one with Carol Channing). Guests with vocal talents are encouraged t
  2. I am a Gay professional who has attended all TCM festivals to date and last year tried to get people to meet at the nearby Lucky Strike Bar in the Hollywood Highland complex for drinks just prior to last year's welcome party (FYI it is NOT a Gay bar, but was near the fest and had an early happy hour). Had gotten a lot of interest, but unfortunately everyone eventually bailed because they were so caught up with preparations for the festival. I am a local L.A. native who has a diverse entertainment industry background and who years ago even worked side-by-side with Robert Osborne for a year
  3. It sounds like someone had speculated on Robert's condition, but the webmaster may have deleted that particular message? Don't want to invade the man's privacy, but all the comments raised my curiosity.
  4. I intentionally scheduled the unofficial Gay "Meet & Greet" for a time period on Thursday when there was literally nothing else going on and preceding the official welcome party. I also planned it for a convenient site near the Chinese multiplex theatre venue. I don't mind some no shows, but not ALL no shows. I personally did not notice too many apparent Gay festival attendees and it would have been nice to hang out with a few people. I find many people in general these days do not honor their word--even though their intentions may be good when they say something. I am not just referring
  5. Overall, the festival has been a wonderful experience. Kudos to Mr. Tabesh, Genevieve and your entire staff. A few valuable comments that might be worth noting for planning next year's fest: 1. Maybe the festival can try to avoid so many of the "Sophie's Choice" overlapping live guest appearances that were scheduled this year at many of the same times? Obviously to some degree overlapping time frames are likely unavoidable, but this year vs. last year it seemed even moreso. I actually think the festival should go ahead and make Thursday next year run from 10am to 10pm (maybe end a bi
  6. No one showed up to the Lucky Strike Lounge other than me, but I stayed anyway and had a decent lunch and Hefeweizens at their bar. I am attending the festival stag because my other friends who like classic movies either were not willing to pay hundreds for a festival pass or could not afford it, but I only live about 1 1/2 miles east of the Chinese Theatre so took the subway from my neighborhood. I have met lots of TCM fans, but all straight. Would be still nice to meet some "family" during the fest. My cell for calls or texts is (818) 723-3649. I am still thinking of going to the Mu
  7. Those Gay, GLBT and GLBT-friendly TCM festivalgoers who arrive a littler earlier and are on hand on THURS AFTERNOON 4/28 and would like to meet one another just before the official launch of the festival, can meet at the LUCKY STRIKE LOUNGE between 3-4:45pm. This should be a good time period since the Mickey Rooney book signing at the TCM Lounge was just cancelled during that same time period. LUCKY STRIKE is in the ground floor of the same Hollywood & Highland complex where the festival's Chinese Theatre multiplex is located. However, PLEASE NOTE, though the formal address of Lucky S
  8. The disappointing news is that CK will NOT be screening at the El Capitan. TCM graciously did explore the last minute feasibility with Disney and Disney was seriously considering the festival's request--well aware of the historic significance of CK having originally premiered there (May 9, 1941), but unofficially--my understanding is that due to the fact Disney's latest nature movie "African Cats" will be playing there for only its second weekend (with LIVE animal show preceding each screening) the cost of using the theatre was likely and unfortunately too cost prohibitive for TCM to use.
  9. Since no one has answered Binky's question regarding beverage passes I will. EACH VENUE RUNS ITS OWN SNACK BAR AND TCM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COKES, POPCORN or HOT DOGS. They are at prevailing first run movie multiplex prices--in other words--soft drinks are about $3-5 dollars each at each location. HOWEVER, last year at the pass holders' CLUB TCM on the ground floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and which is open during the run of each festival day, limited off-brand canned soft drinks and bottled water were available for FREE--all one person could consume on the spot--BUT a festiv
  10. I am one of the most frugal people in town and have never paid what it costs to attend TCM's Film Festival for any prior festival in Los Angeles or otherwise in my whole adult life (and I am 54), but after been such a huge fan of the channel I begrudgingly decided last year at the last minute to bite the bullet and pay for a Classic Pass. I have to say that though I still was disappointed that it's cost was so inaccessible to so many people, that TCM did a first rate job with EVERYTHING--the classic movie mix, the venues, the live celebrity appearances, the special Q & A's, the free soft d
  11. Thanks for your appreciation and support of this screening venue idea. Both the Chinese and El Capitan are about the same size--1,100 seats--though the El Capitan has a sizeable balcony while the Chinese only has a very small upstairs mini-balcony seating area that is used for VIPs--which supposedly was originally intended for major Hollywood stars, studio heads, friends of Sid Grauman, etc. The Egyptian with a small balcony holds a little more than half the Chinese & Egyptian--650 seats. By the way, forgive my inaccuracy when referring to RKO's Citizen Kane master film elements be
  12. Thanks to both companies' appreciation of film history and dedication to classic movie fans, I was informed late yesterday that TCM has indeed recontacted Disney about potentially using the El Capitan for their one-time special 70th anniversary screening of CITIZEN KANE. They were already aware that KANE had premiered there, but from previous contact with Disney, they had believed the theatre was not available due to its regularly scheduled showings of first-run Disney, Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures movies needing to play there. For those FESTIVALGOERS from outside of Los Angeles who
  13. FYI--the Music Box is similar to another nearby nightclub venue currently called "The Avalon," it is a former movie theatre that had its seats removed on the main floor and has become a very popular venue for intimate indie rock performances. It was never an opulent movie palace, but still has a few of its more understated architectural features. It would make a great location for the opening or closing night parties, but might be less suitable for a large scale movie screening location unless projection equipment and less comfortable event folding chairs were brought in. It originally wa
  14. This afternoon I spoke to Ed Collins, the managing director of the El Capitan (formerly Dick Cook's right arm at Disney) and he said he and Disney would MOVE MOUNTAINS to celebrate CITIZEN KANE's 70th Anniversary at the El Capitan and despite the fact they will be in their second weekend of a new Disney first run nature film, that to DIGITALLY screen "CITIZEN KANE" that they CAN definitely make it happen if someone in charge of the festival at TCM can get in touch with them ASAP. It is NOT TOO LATE. He said that in addition "CITIZEN KANE" actually premiered at the El Capitan on May 9 so th
  15. Glad we were of like minds. I had composed a detailed letter to Robert Osborne--even though he is not in charge of programming--I at least had a slight connection with him having also worked for the Hollywood Reporter in the years he did, but unfortunately had another TCM staffer forward that e-mail around the turn of the year, but suspect he never received it or it got lumped in with a lot of heavy viewer fan mail. I should have probably copied Mr. Tabash. But in any case, in that letter were a few recommendations including that one that I recently had a publicist friend re-email to him--thou
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