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  1. If A Man Answers. Bobby Darren and Sandra Dee. The characters name was Chantel, but her mother called her Chu Chu. Cesar Romero plays Darrens father and Stephanie Powers played Chantel's visiting college friend.
  2. Starring Maurice Chevalier and Claudette Colbert? Try IMDb.com. It should have some info for you.
  3. The Cartoon Database provided plenty of information about this missing cartoon, along with two others featuring the same characters. The site reported that these cartoons were originally released in theaters. I am concluding that the cartoons must have been accompanied by a movie, or several movies. Any idea how I can continue my research and find these treasured memories? The site has no match for finding it on DVD or video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you so much! I did just as you said and I found it! Of course, I had the title incorrect. It was called Land Of The Lost Jewels, and there were two others as well. Land Of The Lost, and Land Of The Lost Watches. So, thanks again! It was like taking a big step back into my childhood!(a really big, long, step) LOL!!
  5. Does anyone remember a cartoon called The Red Lantern? It was about a brother and sister fishing in a row boat and the sister had her lucky pin on, a green grasshopper. The pin fell overboard, and a fish popped its head out of the water and invited the kids to come and see the treasures that were down at the bottom of the ocean. The sister wanted to find her pin. I think the fish's name was Red Lantern. Well they went through a series of events, and somehow the pin ended up in the Queens court where he played a violin (I think). When they weighed his value, the discovered that he was glass an
  6. The movie I am looking for is about a blind girl, living with a woman and her husband. Apparently her blindness was due to some traumatic experience as a child, and explosion or something killing her mother. The woman she lived with, I think, was Joan Crawford. Well, as an adult this young blind girl gets raped by the womans husband, and the trauma of the rape causes her sight to come back. When the woman discovers her husbands crime, she kills him and herself by speeding into a dark tunnel. Any clues? I am totally stumped. Only saw it once, and never again. I am not even sure Crawford played
  7. Yes, there was a cocktail party. Tony Bill plays Sinatra's younger brother who moves in with him at his New York apartment. The brother hooks up with all these beatnik type people, because he is posing as some Hollywood producer. He throws the party. Lee J. Cobb plays the father, and Jill St. John plays one of Sinatra's girlfriends, who happens to live in the same apartment building. Ring any bells?
  8. I agree. Thanks for your info. I keep requesting it on TCM. I guess they don't have it available. I will keep trying.
  9. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the movie Hot Spell w/ Shirley Booth & Anthony Quinn? Amazon doesn't have it.
  10. Could be Come Blow Your Horn starring Frank Sinatra. He plays the eldest son of a New York business man. The family business is making artificial fruit. He keeps a fancy apartment in the city, but his parents, and his younger brother live in Yonkers. The father wants him to get married but he likes the single life.
  11. Try Amazon.com. You can buy just about any movie that was ever made. I managed to get one of Susan Sarandon's first films, made by Disney. I went crazy looking for it for years. Finally found it @ Amazon.
  12. The title of the movie is If A Man Answers and it stars Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin(not sure if I spelled his last name correctly). Good film.
  13. Does anyone remember Susan Slade? Typical see-what-happens-when-teenagers-have-sex movie. Connie Stevens and Troy Donahue. Haven't seen that one in a very long while. I don't remember who played Susan's parents.
  14. Thanks for your reply! I will take your suggestion and continue to re-enter the films each month.
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