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  1. Apology to commentor Hibi: I misread your comment regarding the "Room at the Top" sequel as "doubt it was any good." Upon reading it again, I realize you said, "doubt it was as good." Well, of course, you are right. "Room at the Top" is a classic and a powerhouse of a film. "Life at the Top" is a respectable sequel, but I agree it is not "as" good.
  2. The advertising by-line for "Life at the Top," the sequel to "Room at the Top," was "'Life at the Top' is tops."? Novelist John Braine wrote both the original novel and the sequel.? Contrary to the comment below doubting the sequel is any good, it is.? I saw the film when it was released and have viewed the film recently as well because I own a video copy. Its length is 117 minutes.? "Life at the Top" is underated.? It is a much better film than dismissive comments in capsule reviews would lead you to believe.? "Life at the Top" was named to "Saturday Review's" 1965 ten best list.? On a talk
  3. ?? Later tonight, TCM is showing "Elmer Gantry," perhaps Jean's most complex characterization and greatest screen achievement. As Robert Osborne consistently points out, Jean deserved an Oscar nomination for the film. For "Elmer Gantry" Jean did receive a best actress Golden Globe nomination and a BAFTA nomination as Best Foreign Actress. In his book "Alternative Oscars," Danny Perry selected Jean Simmons as the best choice for best actress in 1960 for "Elmer Gantry." Jean won an Emmy in 1983 for her performance as Fee Clary in "The Thorn Birds." Jean Simmons deserves an Honorary Oscar.
  4. Today is Jean Simmons's 80th birthday, and I hope that it is a great day for her. Jean is one of the most beautiful actresses ever to grace the screen with "Desiree" probably being the supreme example. A two-time Academy Award nominee, Jean consistently gave exceptional performances. Of her American films "Angel Face," "The Actress," "Young Bess," "Guys and Dolls," "Hilda Crane," "Until They Sail," "Home Before Dark," "Elmer Gantry," "Spartacus", "The Grass Is Greener," "All the Way Home," "Life at the Top," and "The Happy Ending" are especially noteworthy. Later tonight, TCM is
  5. I wish to express my gratitude to TCM for the well-deserved recognition given Jean Simmons by showing four of her films on the evening of December 15th. The selected films demonstrated her versatility, her great talent and acting ability, and her beauty as a leading lady both in Britain and Hollywood. Robert Osborne's comments were very insightful regarding her career and the production of each film. In past years TCM has given a birthday tribute to Jean Simmons on January 31st. According to the January 2009 schedule, no tribute has been scheduled this January on what will be her 80th bi
  6. My choices from each group: 1. Jean Simmons 2. Joan Fontaine 3. Ann Sheridan
  7. Many beautiful actresses have been suggested, but these need to be added: 1. Jean Simmons 2. Joan Fontaine 3. Eleanor Parker
  8. I strongly believe that it is Jean Simmons who is most deserving of an honorary oscar this year. She was honored with two Academy Award nominations, but should have had nominations for her performances in a number of other motion pictures, including "Home Before Dark," "Elmer Gantry," "All the Way Home," and "Young Bess." Her first nomination was as best supporting actress for "Hamlet." And she was nominated for best actress for "The Happy Ending." Jean Simmons was named Best Actress in 1953 by the National Board of Review for her performances in "Young Bess, "The Robe," and "The Actr
  9. The "Last" feature doesn't work. I have a brand new computer with up-to-date software. Don't bother customizing the message order so we have a choice. Without further delay, please return message order to what they formerly were: Newest to Oldest. Mongo's Happy Birthday threat has nearly 200 pages. I haven't been able to find it since the "upgrade." Please change the display order now: newest to oldest. Thank you. janus
  10. This is how the matter is described by Tony Thomas, Rudy Behlmer, and Clifford MCCarty "The Films of Errol Flynn" in their notes for "Never Say Goodbye": "The script also allowed Flynn to sing a few bars of the song "Remember Me" and do an imitation of Humphrey Bogart--greatly aided by the dubbed-in voice of Bogart himself." Janus
  11. In Richard Brooks' "The Happy Ending," Teresa Wright played Jean Simmons' mother a second time. Their scenes together are wonderful and poignant. Janus
  12. I support a day of tribute for beautiful and talented Eleanor Parker. "Scaramouche" is another of her great performances. Janus
  13. I have always believed that Jean Simmons' performance as Sister Sharon Falconer in "Elmer Gantry" deserved the 1960 best actress oscar. Danny Peary in his book "Alternate Oscars" agrees and considers Jean Simmons to be the best choice for the Academy Award over Elizabeth Taylor even though Jean's performance was not even nominated. He says "She peaked in ELMER GANTRY, giving her most self-assured performance in her most difficult role." Janus
  14. I nominate Jean Simmons to be interviewed by Robert Osborne for TCM. There is so much to cover in her distinguished career, including that she unwillingly was under contract to Howard Hughes who prevented Jean from filming "Roman Holiday." I hope that TCM will soon schedule Warner's "Home Before Dark," one of Jean's best performances. I also enthusiastically support the suggestions of Eleanor Parker, Joan Fontaine, Mizti Gaynor, and Ann Blyth. Hopefully, we can soon see on TCM Ann's performance in Warner's "The Helen Morgan Story." Janus
  15. I moved my cursor to the "Vote" icon. A "hand" appeared, meaning "connection." But I was not taken to where I could vote on the best of George Stevens Best Film of the 1950's to my disappointment. Did anyone else have this trouble, e.g., no response to the "vote" icon? Stevens made great films in the 1950's, e.g., "Shane" and "The Diary of Anne Frank" but my vote would have been for his great film "Giant." Janus
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