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  1. Or could it be "Sweepstakes Winner" 1939 with Allen Jenkins and Marie Wilson as the 'dumb' blond?
  2. At least in the forties I saw those classic serials one week at a time as they were mean't to be seen. Also for 12 cents we were in the theater from 2pm until about 6pm. WHAT A BARGAIN!
  3. I remember it well! It was a 3200 seat theater that I worked in quite a few years later. My first scary movie was one of those Mummy sequels where he was reaching out with his right hand and dragging his left foot as he made his way down the road. We all ran into the Men's room until the scene was over. Quite scarry at the time but really funny when I watch it today.
  4. Just grasping at staws here as I saw that movie. Was it "A Damsel in Distress"?
  5. One film does come to mind but in it the son, Frank Morgan, dies and his father who died at a young age, Keenan Wynn, comes to take him to heaven. Check out "The Cockeyed Miricle". In it Wynn is much younger and there is a money problem of a bad investment by Morgan. They both are continually walking through walls and floating up to the second floor. Only we can see them!
  6. Give this credit to 'loliteblue' as she came up with the correct amswer. I have 116 serials in my collection and hope that many more will learn to enjoy that which I saw every saturday in my local theater as a kid.
  7. Yes also the Lone Wolf. No edit icon?
  8. Gerald Mohr also played Philip Marlow on the radio & was the Lone Wof in 3 movies.
  9. He did voices in over 100 films. (And was not given screen credit either!) Mostly cartoons but also as talking animals. The little guy's name was Billy Bletcher.
  10. I have 2 pair of those cardboard things. Need it for "Rollercoaster Thrills" in 3-D on VHS. Those were the first types I remember in the theaters but they then changed to those 'polarized" ones you had to return when leaving the theater. Still used today I believe for those IMAX 3-D films but those are really huge. Almost like clown glasses.
  11. Never thought about it much & I wonder how many voices he actually did? Was he a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz? I'll give someone else a chance.
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