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  1. More on Ruby Keeler: http://forums.turnerclassicmovies.com/jive/tcm/thread.jspa?threadID=65622&start=0#6358163
  2. pianomajor, I know you're trying, but you're not giving us enough information. Was this piano piece in the movie classical or in the classical vein? Or something else? Was it jazzy? Are you a classical pianist? If so, you know the general repetoire and apparently this piece was something that you hadn't heard before, therefore something "original" you would like to play, is that right? At any rate, try hard to give us something more to work on. An actor, something about the story, etc. I love questions about music in movies but there isn't too much to go on. ps Picking up on wha
  3. >>>>>WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT November's schedule is - *sigh* - almost no new movies, just repeats of all we've had in the previous 10 months. Is it my imagination or didn't TCM used to be programmed MUCH better? I'm truly unhappy about this and I'm sure I won't be alone<<<<<< You are not alone.
  4. For reasons already stated, there are many problems in acquiring films from other studios. I understand as you all do that TCM is able to do this from time to time and we should be happy to get them when we can. But making requests for specific movies is probably a waste of time. The imported movies are probably part of a block and determined by themes etc. More pertinent, in my view, is getting TCM to play ?rarely shown? movies that are already ownded by TCM. There used to be a promo spot that showed someone counting the number of movies that TCM had, it was more than 5,000. That?s a lot
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