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  1. If it was digital, it was a disappointment. Maybe I should have gone to Beaverton though. Were previous TCM presentations satisfactory? I watched my Blu-Ray cooy at home the next day. Beautiful.
  2. It was disappointing to go to my first TCM Presents event (Vertigo at the Regal Lloyd Center Theatre in Portland,OR) and see a print that sadly looked very color faded. I expected to see a sparkling print that looked as Vertigo looked when first released (or in that major rerelease of several Hitchcock films) I have seen beautiful, new prints of Vertigo in theatres in the past (the best being a 70mm print at the Chinese in Hollywood over 15 years ago.), so I fail to understand why new prints weren't struck for what the TCM intro to the film (which was enjoyable - though a little more on why
  3. But comparing and judging the "best" performances of the year will always be: do you like this apple or prefer this orange? So many factors go into the award as in "it's his/her turnism, as some guess that's it's Oldman's this year though the gravity and demands of the roles themselves count for a lot.
  4. I thought the silent version of Ben-Hur was more entertsining than the 1959 version, but then I don't like that overblown melodrama anyway.
  5. I loved her. Never got the chance to see her in a musical, but did see her twice in concert, Unforgettable.
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