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  1. 'Twas only a joke, Mongo - I dont think ill of you for liking Incognitos. Their movie is very pretty. Thanks for getting me the votes regardless of your tastes. Doing that makes it more thankable. Thanks, Mongo - Josie
  2. I really really appreciate all of you guys voting for me - I knew I could count on the TCM Forum people to vote for me. However, they're still winning. I don't know if they live in Fraternities or something, but they have an advantage over us still. If you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rally some other people into voting (except for Mongo ;-) ) because you liked my movie, I'd be so grateful. I'd hate for all your efforts earlier to go for nothing. Thanks more than I can write, everyone.
  3. Stage acting is great fun, too. I'm in plays at my high school and they are pretty awesome. I'd rather make a movie, though. ;-) Film study is so much fun. I took a Film Theory class this summer - we watched what my teacher considered the essentials. We watched Great Train Robbery, Nanook of the North, The Wild One, Paranoiac, The Red Balloon, Vincent Price movies, Abbott and Costello, Zero for Conduct, and a lot of rarer ones he owned himself. It was the most fun I've ever had in a summer - and that's saying a lot!
  4. I can't believe how you guys rallied for me! I was expecting my post to get erased by the administration for being unrelated or solicitous or something. I just want to say thank you to all of you that are voting for me! I wish I could buy you all Cary Grant's Biography or something. Your votes really pulled me ahead. Thank god I didn't make any campaign promises! That reminds me of Citizen Kane. Citizen Josie: I entered upon this campaign with one purpose only. To POINT OUT and MAKE PUBLIC the dishonesty, the down right villainy of Real Nebraska's voting machine now in COMPLETE CO
  5. By jove, I'd be eternally indebted! Thank you so much! Ha, and you havn't even watched it yet. I dont care, you're the greatest. You're making me rich! God, I love TCM forums. So helpful.
  6. As Cary Grant once said "Why are you so good to me?" Thanks for Voting!
  7. Thanks a lot, Phoebe! I happen to like mine too :-p
  8. Thanks super much! I'm glad you liked it. I like mine better too but prehaps I'm duly biased. I'm bright eye productions because I have particularily light green eyes. I figured that if I could draw attention to my eyes, people'd remember me better. Also, play on the words 'Bright Idea'. Dr. Darcy came from this little discussion with myself. "Hm. Need an alias. What to pick. Well, if I had to change my last name, what would I pick. Well, I will when I get married. Damn, I'd love to marry Mr. Darcy [from Pride and Prejudice]. Then I'd be Mrs. Darcy. or DR. DARCY!" Again, than
  9. Okay, I am calling on my fellow TCMers for help. My brother and I have recently made a film for the University of Nebraska's "Real Nebraska Video Contest" and have made it to the finals. Too exciting. The grand prize is $1,000 and we'd dearly like to win. This is where you all come in. You get a chance to vote online for whichever video you like best (mine, of course). We're under the title of 'Bright Eye Productions' and are against a group called 'Incognito'. Right now they are winning and their video is really not all that fantastic - they just have a lot of friends. So I have to r
  10. I once won (back when they had TCM merchendice) a TCM gangster sweater. I wore it every day for three years until it got a slice in it from getting caught in something. Its lying in my drawers now, in humble retirement 'til I summon the energy to go ALL the way to Hobby Lobby. Funny thing is is that I won it during the Antrax scare. So I get this huge package in the mail from TCM - Simply tooooo good to be true. I was so afraid of opening it :-p
  11. Believe me, my dear Jonathan, that your post, so far from doing you any disservice, rather adds to your other perfections. You would have been less amiable in my eyes had there not been this little rebuff of the 1940s version; but allow me to assure you, that I have the respected TCM's permission for this address. You can hardly doubt the purpose of my post, however your natural delicacy may lead you to dissemble; my love of the A&E version has been too marked to be mistaken. Almost as soon as I entered the 'General Discussions', I singled you out as the post of my future opinion. But befo
  12. I wasn't aware there was another Godfather! Way too cool! Will ask for for Christmas. My Christmas list is insane - I had about 30 DVD's down when I realized that they might just pick randomly from the list. So I decided to bold the ones I really want - and I still had about 20 bolded.
  13. Say, Kimbo, if it isn't prying into your 'secret identity', what college did you go to? At the University of Nebraska (god, I hate saying that) they have it under english, like you said, but allow you to call it your major, so its a half and half. What do you plan on being when you grow up? (as this is a teenage forum, I think I can use the phrase)
  14. I personally am going to go to the University of Nebraska for a year (as I live here) and then transfer to New York University. They have an excellent film school. Quite frankly, most places on the east and west coast have film schools. States that come to mind are New York, South Carolina, Florida, and California. What kind do you want to study? Film Studies or Film Production? Film studies is criticism and history and theory (way too interesting stuff, I've taken a theory class) OR you can go the 'dangerous route' and go into Film Production in hopes of becoming a Director/Producer/
  15. There are only two books in this world that dont live up to the movies. Funnily enough, it replies to all three posts posted here. Gone with the Wind and The Godfather. I suggest, ljenson71, that you read the Godfather - you'll love it even more. It gets kinda nasty at parts (who'd think that that Wolfe guy was a disgusting pedophile?) And to kimbo3200, DO watch the A&E five hour one. I own it and its by far the most watched DVD in my collection. I adore Mr. Darcy more in that movie than the Olivier version. Seriously, my absolute favorite miniseries. I also plan on majori
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