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  1. Hey gagman66, Don't even worry about it. I do appreciate your response, though. I hope to have TCM in a few months's time, so maybe the movies will be shown again. Thanks again! --Jonathan
  2. Hello fellow fans, I am elated to see that TCM is saluting Ms. Astor on May 3 by screening a slew of her movies. She is one of the best, and I have not seen any of the films scheduled. My little problem is that I do not currently have TCM, so I was wondering if anybody would be so kind enough as to record the films for me and ship them over to my address in New York. I am only too happy to pay for the videotapes or dvds as well as the shipping costs. You may reply her or write me at jcforte03@yahoo.com Also, is anybody in the NY area planning to attend the B Noir Festival at Film F
  3. This is one of the best novels and stories ever. Kimbo, I agree that the 1940 version was good, but in my eyes, it pales in comparison to the 1995 A & E production. Besides film noir, Jane Austen is my other big "love." I took a seminar in college devoted to her, and it was a great course. Of course, the 1940 version could not possibly include all of the details, but it did generally stick to the story. One of the most problematic elements in the 1940 version was the end, in which Lady Catherine DeBourgh (Edna May Oliver)visits Elizabeth as Darcy's ambassador, with every intention of sec
  4. Hi moviegeek, I am so happy to hear that you will be making noirs one day. I am sure that they will be great. It is my favorite genre, but I do not know too too much yet. I have a few books about it. I am just so psyched to be seeing lots of these for the first time. It is only an hour trip for me because I live in Long Island. Part of me wishes I had studied film in college. I love my job, but these films and the music from those times are my true passions I think. I am trying to get my writing off the ground. I took a creative writing class in college and loved it. We'll see how e
  5. Hi all! kimbo, I definitely want to see The Big Heat on the big screen, and I will be around on that day. I saw it on television a couple of months ago and was blown away by the intensity. It's awesome, and I think you will love it. Gloria Grahame is amazing in it. tflight, I really admire that you write for Films. One of my dreams is to write for them one day. May I be bold enough as to ask how you first became involved with it? I absolutely love it, and I think Laura Wagner is amazing. I am looking forward to reading Killer Tomatoes at some point. I work at Barnes and Noble, a
  6. Hi guys!! I definitely plan on going to Film Forum to see The Maltese Falcon and the other one playing that day--I think it it This Gun for Hire. I am probably going to see others as well, but those two are an absolute definite. Actually, I think I am also going to go the very first day of the festival as well--Double Indemnity and Mildred Pierce. I live relatively closeby--in Merrick, LI. I really do think it would be very nice if we could all meet up for some of these. I am an interpreter (Spanish/English) during the day, and I work at Barnes and Noble at night, and I have loved thes
  7. Hi all!! If anybody lives in or nearby Manhattan, the Film Forum is airing 4 weeks!!! of classic film noir on the big screen. Check it out at www.filmforum.com and look under upcoming events. The festival runs from Nov. 26-Dec. 23 They are all 35 mm prints, and they will be showing 2 films per day at various times. The best part is that you can see two shows for the price of one. You should deinitely check this out if you love noir. The films are: Double Indemnity Mildred Pierce Detour Criss Cross Force of Evil The Naked City Gun Crazy They Live By Night The Lost Weekend The
  8. YAY! On the homepage of this site, TCM has a photo of Mayo because they are airing some of her films on November 30 in honor of her 84th birthday. This is great news!! --Jonathan
  9. You're right, bggalaxy! The movies she made with Kaye are GREAT. I especially love "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" and "A Song Is Born." She was just so good--I wish that Hollywood had given her some more challenging roles. I mean, I feel that she had proved herself with "The Best Years of our Lives", "White Heat", "The West Point Story", and "Colorado Territory." She was and is one of the best!! For anybody interested, I know that the magazine "Scarlet Street" has a new interview with her coming out sometime next year. Also, the great magazine "Films of the Golden Age" ran an article
  10. Anyone have any idea what she is up to these days?? Her style and her voice---one of the best ever...would love to write to her...thanks a lot --Jonathan:)
  11. I have yet to see "Poppy." I saw Maude Eburne in the Fay Wray movie "The Vampire Bat" and she was just hysterical!! I will keep an eye out for "Poppy."
  12. What do you all think about Maude Eburne, Lucile Watson, and Esther Dale? They are three of my favorites. And let's not forget Una O'Connor. The magazine Films of the Golden Age ran an article about Miss O'Connor in one of their early issues. Has anyone read it, and if so, is it informative? Lastly, does anyone have a contact address for Rhonda Fleming, Gloria DeHaven, and Kathryn Grayson? Thanks so much! These movies are my passion--I am 23 and do not know many people who love them so so much, so I am so happy to read all of your posts! Thanks again! --Jonathan
  13. Thanks for the info, Moviejoe
  14. I hope they release White Heat on dvd soon---great picture. Another good one in which she is spunky is The West Point Story with James Cagney and Doris Day. Turner Classic Movies--I badgered my cable company, which is Cablevision, in the hopes that they might carry this station, but it looks like that will not happen anytime soon. I am persuading my family to get the satellite dish--I read the schedule of films that turner airs, and I feel like I am on cloud 999!!
  15. Hi everybody! Does anyone know how Virginia Mayo is doing these days? I had read that she was hospitalized with pneumonia. That is too bad---she is one of the main reasons why I first became interested in old movies--ever since seeing The Princess and the Pirate. I was thinking about writing her a letter with an autograph request, but I do not want to disturb her if she is unwell. I would appreciate any reply to this post, or you may email me at jcforte03@yahoo.com Thanks!
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