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  1. On the Waterfront was shot 1.33:1 or more correctly 1.37:1. In 1954 CinemaScope was 1 year old. The costs of equiping a theater to Cinemascope in 1953 commencing with the anamorphic lens cost ofr $ 5,5000 / pair was much. For a while producers made both CinemaScope and flat. However the change of the screen ratio required non-anamorphic to be projected at 1.85:1 to keep screen heights constant and the width wide for anamorphic. As to why columbia chose 1.85:1 for a dvd, simple-over 50 years several generations ae used to the widescreen a/r in their cinemas. jdtcjr jdtcjr
  2. As a former troubleshooter and installer of 70mm equipment, commencing with Todd-AO and its wannabees... The exhibition of My Fair Lady, ( a warner property for 7 years) I am livid with the butchering of this work of art: making a 2.21:1 70mm into a 1.77:1 hi-def lookalike. The cinematographer's and director's work was altered from its original format. If TCM is going to tamper with such works, at lease have the good manners to disclose the departure from the original presentation. john
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