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  1. keithfromkc - if you're a nicholson fan of that era, you should check out DRIVE HE SAID ... if you ever get a chance - it's rare. This was his one directoral effort and it was made right in the middle of a string of amazing films of his, EASY RIDER, CARNAL KNOWLEDGE, 5 EASY PIECES, CHINATOWN. I have to admit, it left me a little confused. It was interesting, but it's not hard to see why he stuck to acting.
  2. myidolspencer - Lillian Gish for 75 years is long, but it looks like Guiness Book is due for an update. Mickey "Rooney" has been in films since 1932 or 33, but before that he's credited as Mickey Mcguire in dozens of two-reel comedies going back to 1927 - that's 77 years crossing nine decades.
  3. very late 60s to the early 70s (ending with Jaws) is one of the greatest eras in american movies and my personal favorite era. the ones that keithfromkc listed are well known and on cable from time to time, while other classics like five easy pieces, shampoo, badlands, harold & maude, 2 lane blacktop, early bogdanovich & rbt altman movies are shown a little less. a lot of these are probably not considered commercial enough to show on channels which feature newer blockbuster movies. i still agree that anything even remotely "parenthood"-like is horrible for TCM
  4. I didn't know about Johannes Heesters - thanks. Does anyone know of any other living actors/actresses/directors who began in the silent era? perhaps that's a different topic than this one. --- Also, what does Mickey Rooney politeness, or lack thereof, have to do with the length of his career? I'd be cranky too if i had to sign autographs at a movie memorbilia show.
  5. I agree completely with harlowkeatongirl, especially since there is another cable channel in my area one notch down from TMC which plays "Parenthood" style movies 24/7. I agree also with the person who suggest a limit, but I think 1970 is pushing it. I'd put it at 20 years, so the actual year limit changes.
  6. i think Mickey Rooney would be the answer given many of the variations on the question. Anita Page is credited in a movie a year before Mickey Rooney, but she was not active in movies for many years. Mickey Rooney is the only actor or actress I can find who has a career spanning nine(!!!) decades. Another contender is Gloria Stuart, who recieved an Academy Award nomination in 1997 for Titanic. Her first credit is for Street of Women in 1932 and most recent is Wim Wenders' Land of Plenty, 2004. There is also Charles Lane, living still, and close to 100 years old. He has well over 2
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