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  1. Slightly expanded list... Hedy Lamarr Gene Tierney Yvonne DeCarlo Linda Darnell Rita Hayworth Paulette Goddard
  2. >> "Hi Antar! I recently sent you an e-mail. Did you receive it? I used the address you have posted at this site now. Would really like to hear back from you!;-) ML" Hi Mary Lou! I just got the email. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.
  3. ...and by that I mean what I said 'bout Lana Turner. My comments on Jane Russell still stand. ;-)
  4. As the starter of this topic, let me just say I no longer stand by some of things I stated earlier in this thread.
  5. My grandpa told me 'bout the good ol' days - he said we're livin' in 'em now. ;-)
  6. Nothin' much... Das Boot Above Us the Waves Pursuit of the Graf Spee
  7. Thanks Lolite, Mongo and Path! And Mongo - Stella is well.
  8. Wishy has been havin' trouble loggin' into the forums, and has sent me these three poems that were written by Hedy... __________________ For years i wondered if there were men on the moon How little did I know that I'll find out so soon Please correct me if I'm wrong Their names are Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong It seemed to me I've just seen a world more unified than it has ever been __________________ To float in space, what a heavenly feeling The closest to God, i feel like kneeling The moon is close, the earth is not I wish i was an astronaut __________________ To
  9. Don't worry 'bout the spelling mistake, Feaito! I made out my previous post on the fly, and it didn't come out quite as I'd wanted it to. I didn't really go over it before posting. But I know what ya mean...Hedy's book had a casual feel to it. I liked that 'bout it.
  10. >> "BTW, Antar what's been of you pal?" Hey, Feaito! I've been around...kinda. Not postin' much, I know. I've read that book, too. I have two copies now, too. I thought she seemed real and earthy in it, too. Some people call the book boring, but I like it.
  11. Yup, Hedy's role in this movie did have a little more, well, substance than some of her other ones for MGM. I like the "aloof goddess" also, though ;-) I heard Ava Gardner has a bit part somewhere in H.M. Pulham, Esq. I haven't spotted her yet, but I haven't put much effort in it. I'll try again one of these days.
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