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  1. OK. We watched CASINO ROYALE last night. It was good, but it got me thinking about the Bond franchise. I've seen most of the movies and liked them all for the most part. As I'm starting to read more and more since retiring, I realized I've never read any of Ian Fleming's novels. I did a little research and learned Fleming created Bond in 1953. Casino Royale was the first novel. The movies began in 1963 and DR NO was actually the sixth novel although it was the first movie with Sean Connery as Bond. Somehow the movie makers did not pay attention to the sequence of Fleming's books. I've read th
  2. Maybe this should be in another category like Off Topics, but we just watched THE MANY SAINTS OF NEWARK last night. My bride and I both were a little disappointed. We came to THE SOPRANOS very late having finished viewing the series back in July so it was fresh in our minds. Once we finally figured out who the characters were in the prequel it was entertaining. However, It was somewhat convoluted. I think anyone who did not follow the HBO series would be totally lost. Maybe we were expecting too much since we thoroughly enjoyed almost every episode of the TV show. For me the most interest
  3. Interesting topic. I guess I'm like the guy that said he couldn't describe pornography, but he knew it when he saw it. For me, noir is usually done in black and white with lots of shadow shots, deals with dark subject matter, usually has a seedy private detective or cop, has a femme fatale and/or a "good girl", often has a murder and doesn't have a very happy ending. Watching NOIR ALLEY has really broaden my definition, but I still have a fairly narrow scope. Having said that, if Eddie Muller says it's noir; who am I to argue with the czar.
  4. I'm in the middle of another Connelly novel called THE SCARECROW. Jack McEvoy is the protagonist and it's really interesting. I take it there are not a lot of avid readers on this site since it is a movie sight. I just thought I would see if this topic would spark some interest, I'll go find a book forum out there somewhere.
  5. Man, there are some gorgeous photos on this yarn. My favorite thing about Fall is COLLEGE FOOTBALL! I watch multiple games every Saturday working around my grandkids soccer games ( I really enjoy watching them too). Also the golf weather here in NC is usually great until late December.
  6. Well, you just called out two of my all time favorites. You are, of course; entitled to your opinion. However, I bet I've seen all of Bogart's and Connery's movies multiple times. My favorites are CASABLANCA and THE UNTOUCHABLES. I really cannot think of an actor or actress that I strongly dislike. There are plenty where I'm lukewarm.
  7. I don't use many of these online forums. A couple of golf sites and this one. I've found that over time the negative posters eventually find them and start attacking everything and everybody that posts. My wife is on Facebook and she has to be really careful because there are so many jerks on there. I've left several of the golf sites recently because of these people. It sounds like I'll probably have to leave here too. I hate it, but life's too short to have to deal with negative people.
  8. I just finished NIGHT PASSAGE the Jesse Stone TV movie. I know some of you probably think I'm obsessing over these movies and you're right. I cannot explain why they have caught my attention, but they have. Anyway, the film was great. It explains how Jesse got to Paradise from LA and introduces the other characters. I wish I had watched this one first. Now I'm on a quest to find the other six somewhere. My apologies to those who are not into these stories.
  9. Well, now that I think about it, I haven't been in a theatre in almost two years. Of course I'm old and as the song says "don't get around much anymore". Once we beat COVID (if we ever do) I feel sure I'll go on occasion. However, it's nice to stay home and see current films on the streaming services.
  10. Over the weekend I watched two of the Jesse Stone movies one of the networks was airing: DEATH IN PARADISE and STONE COLD. I really like these made for TV films. Tom Sellick is great in the role and the supporting cast is excellent. Viola Davis is fantastic as one of the Paradise Police force officers. I've learned there are nine total films. CBS carried them early on and Hallmark took over at some point. I know Robert B. Parker died and a couple of other authors have kept the character alive in books. I just read one of the novels (COLORBLIND) and thoroughly enjoyed it. While I realize the
  11. I just finished THE LAW OF INNOCENCE by Connelly. It's about Micky Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Harry Bosch shows up too. In the novel there are references to the "mystery virus" that is happening in China.
  12. Don't sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel.
  13. I enjoyed HUMAN DESIRE too. I like Gloria Grahame and Glenn Ford. I also really like Dana Delaney. It's interesting she's such a big fan of Grahame. I look forward to her return next week when they show THE GLASS WALL another Grahame noir. Hopefully we'll learn if Delaney ever met Gloria Grahame and if they ever spent time together.
  14. I'm impressed if you have music from the 1700s.
  15. While I didn't mention The Beatles, they obviously changed everything in the 60s. I was a huge fan and still have all of their albums. I also left out the Beach Boys. Their evolution from surfing music to Pet Sounds was amazing. God only knows where we would be without them.
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