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  1. This is a great idea. Especially if Eddie is running short on B&W noirs from the 40s and 50s. I'd rather watch a good neo-noir (like BODYHEAT) instead of weak melodramas like CAUSE FOR ALARM. IMHO the last few films haven't been that great and classifying them as noirs was a bit of a reach. I think CHINATOWN is probably my favorite neo-noir as well as LA CONFIDENTIAL and THE BLACK DAHLIA.
  2. This was my first viewing and I agree for the most part. It was sort of like The Donna Reed Show meets Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I think it's really a reach to call this film noir. Now, I'm off to find CUTTER'S WAY somewhere.
  3. Well, I haven't visited this thread in a few weeks. It appears to me it's really gone off the rails. I hope Eddie shows something this weekend to get us back on track.
  4. My favorites are ROUTE 66, THE UNTOUCHABLES and PETER GUNN.
  5. Just finished THE WOMEN IN WHITE On-Demand. We saw the play in London back in the late 90s. I never realized there was a movie made in 1948. It can be a little hard to follow because there are so many characters, but I really enjoyed it. Sydney Greenstreet is as good as ever in another role as the villain and a very young (no pun intended) Gig Young excels as the hero. However, Eleanor Parker turns in the best performance in a dual role IMHO.
  6. I liked it too. Great acting and though somewhat predictable, I wasn't really sure how it would end. Crystal was my favorite character played by Harriette Arlene Lake (better known as Ann Sothern). She reminded me so much of my mother. A wisecracking career girl with a heart of gold. Crystal was the polar opposite of Norah yet they were great friends. Jeff Donnell as the somewhat ditsy Sally offered just the right amount of comic relief. Richard Conte was good too. His character was obviously self centered and a womanizer but less so that Burr's character. To watch him soften and find some e
  7. "You say to-MAY-to; I say to-MAW-to; let's call the whole thing off"
  8. A friend of mine who owned a bar once said "the problem with having a public place is sooner or later the public shows up". I go to several golf forums and have found that one has to wade through a lot of idiotic banter as well. Actually, this site has less venom that some of those golf forums. People are entitled to their opinions . As the saying goes "free speech ain't free". I just try to ignore the negative posts and sift through them to find the good stuff. BTW I really like SABOTEUR.
  9. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook either and I totally agree with you on this. There was a discussion awhile back about Eddie never mentioning this forum. No one seems to know why. The fans that post here are very knowledgeable. I've learned a lot in the two years I've been posting and reading. It IS a slight that Eddie never talks about this site.
  10. I agree. The narration reminded me of the old Untouchables TV show narrated by Walter Winchell. I liked that part, but the rest was mediocre. I hope these last few Noir Alley presentations aren't indicative that Eddie has run out of noirs. As discussed before my definition of film noir is narrower than most on this site. Having said that I'm willing to broaden my perspective if it keeps Noir Alley alive.
  11. I really enjoyed this series. I've read most of his better known novels and really liked them. He was a very complex individual "with all the usual vices"- to quote General Sternwood.
  12. Hopefully, this is a joke. Nothing against Warren Oates, but best actor ever?
  13. Right on target Miss W. This was totally a Joan Crawford vehicle. I think "OBSESSED" would have been a more accurate title, but maybe that was already taken. It was somewhat entertaining and Ms. Crawford gave an excellent performance. However, I wouldn't classify this film as noir. While it's obvious Crawford's character is going to eventually kill someone, the only mystery is who. The term melodrama fits perfectly. While I'm glad I watched, it's doubtful I'll sit through it again. On my Film Noir one to ten scale, I give it a three.
  14. I watched TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD last night. I truly love this movie and the book. Having recently read FURIOUS HOURS by Casey Cep I watched with a slightly different perspective. Nelle Harper Lee was an interesting person and a bit of an enigma to even those that knew her well. If you are a fan of TKAM I highly recommend that you read FURIOUS HOURS.
  15. I thought THE BROTHERS RICO was OK. Eddie was right that Conte was in every scene. One thing Eddie didn't mention was that Kathryn Grant, who played Johnny's wife later became Bing Crosby's wife. She was probably best known in her later years for being the mother of US Men's Golf Amateur champion Nathaniel Crosby and Mary Crosby whose character famously shot J.R. Ewing in the DALLAS TV show.
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