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  1. It was pretty good. It reminded me of A PLACE IN THE SUN. I think it is the only time Robert Wagner played a villain . I agree that Joann Woodward was wasted and like Eddie said Jeff Hunter seemed out of place at times. Also, like many of you; I prefer B&W noirs.
  2. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has probably put this on hold as far as having in-person meetings. However, I'm game if we start communicating online until we can get together.
  3. Oh wow!. I had totally forgotten about Adventures in Paradise. I loved that show. Gardner McKay, as Adam Troy; was the skipper of The Tiki. As a young kid from a small town in South Carolina in the 50s and 60s, it was a great escape for me. I'm heading over to Google to refresh my memory about that series
  4. My top 15: 1. Twilight Zone 2. The Untouchables 3. Route 66 4. The Andy Griffith Show 5. 77 Sunset Strip 6. The Outer Limits 7. Perry Mason 8. Alfred Hitchcock Presents 9. The Ed Sullivan Show 10. The Tonight Show- Starring Johnny Carson 11. Red Skelton 12. Peter Gunn 13. Hawaii 5-0 (Jack Lord version) 14. Bonanza 15. The Carol Burnett Show I'm sure I missed some and will remember when other people post their favorite. Also, I can tell I'm getting old. Some of the shows listed by others don't seem old enough to be classics yet.
  5. I just watched American Graffiti. I had forgotten all the future stars that appeared in this flick. Also, it was one of George Lucas's first efforts. I didn't remember much from when I first saw it back in the 70s, but it was very entertaining. The music was great too. Having Wolfman Jack was a nice touch. It sent me to Google to see how old all these actors are now. It's hard to imagine Candy Clark and Richard Dreyfuss are both 72 and Ron Howard is 66. What surprised me even more is that Harrison Ford is 77.
  6. Looking forward to seeing SCARLET STREET. I think I've seen it before but don't remember much about it.
  7. Just finished AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD. It was made six years after GILDA parring Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth again . I actually thought it was just a good as GILDA with a better story line. It was made by Columbia as was GILDA. Am I correct that TCM has a difficult time getting access to films from some studios? I assume Columbia is one of them because I don't remember either of these film being on Noir Alley. Anyway AIT was great and I really enjoyed it.
  8. Well tomorrow is Thursday and the MOVIES network usually shows film noir features all day. I usually record them as they break for commercials quite frequently. I have not checked the line-up yet, but many are repeats from previous weeks. Still, I enjoy viewing most of them. I'm still pretty new to this genre even though I'm seventy and have seen some of the more famous noirs. I do miss that they don't have the normal TCM lead-ins, but I'll take whatever I can get these days. The last few months have made us all alter our routines. My whole life revolves around golf, yard work and movies now. It's been raining here in Charlotte for two days so the first two are temporarily gone. If my cable goes out I might turn into Howard Beale from NETWORK.
  9. Just watched ANATOMY OF A MURDER on MOVIES. I had seen it before, but not recently. What a great cast. James Stewart is as good as ever and I love Eve Arden as his assistant. However, Lee Remick steals the show in what I'm guessing was one of her first performances. I think my favorite character is the judge played by Joseph Welch, a real lawyer who became famous for his questioning of Senator Joe McCarthy. "At long last; have you know sense of decency?' has since become an iconic phrase. While I'm sure most of you have seen it, if you haven't; it's well worth your time.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised with CRIMSON KIMONO. My expectations were fairly low. I thought Corbett and Shigeta were both great in their roles. Especially since this was early in their careers. I don't remember much of Glenn Corbett's work except for ROUTE 66. I always like him on that show. Following another actor on a popular TV show is tough. I think Harry Morgan and Mike Farrell pulled it off on MASH, but Cheryl Ladd wasn't quite as successful following Farrah on CHARLIE'S ANGELS. My apologies for digressing. All and all I look forward to seeing more of Sam Fuller's work.
  11. What a great comedic actor. He had so many memorable rolls. One obscure clip I always remember was a take-off on SNL about specialty stores. He played the owner of a Scotch tape store. I think it was Mary Kay Place that played his wife and partner in the business. His pitch was "we only sell the sticky kind". I had no idea he was 86, but then I still cannot believe I'm 70.
  12. Most sports fans of a certain age fondly remember Brent, Phyllis and Irv from their NFL pregame show. She was a true pioneer. I didn't realize her daughter is currently on CNN.
  13. I always thought Rod Steiger's version was the best, but I also like De Niro's performance in THE UNTOUCHABLES.
  14. Ok I'm confused. THE CRIMSON KIMONO is on tonight at 8:00 PM and it's on Noir Alley with Eddie this Saturday night and Sunday Morning, correct? Has this ever happened before? Why would they show the same movie within four days?
  15. While I always like John Belushi, most of his movies were wide open slap stick comedies. However, CONTINENTAL DIVIDE really showed a different side of his talent. It's a shame his career and life were cut so short.
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