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  1. I really liked THE MOB too. It was interesting to see Broderick Crawford as a good guy. I vaguely remember HIGHWAY PATROL and the stories about his DUIs. Also it was kind of neat seeing Bronson, Brand and Kiley so early in their careers. Like many of you I'd never see it before and agree with those that think this film is a top shelf noir.
  2. I just "Googled" voter turnout by country and we didn't make the top twenty according to World Atlas. Maybe 2020 was large for the US, but it's kind of like being the tallest pygmy.
  3. I just saw a chart on Morning Joe that showed that roughly 62 million eligable voters did not vote in 2020. That's an amazing number and means only about 72%* actually participated. I don't know how that compares with other democracies in the world or previous US presidential elections, but I think it's a poor showing. *Please excuse my fuzzy mat
  4. Clearly, the Republican game plan is to supress the votes of groups who historically vote for Democrats. They're using state legislatures and hoping their 6 to 3 advantage on the Supreme Court will help when the laws are challenged in courts. I saw that today the right leaning SCOTUS blocked the vaccine, masking and testing mandates recommended by President Biden. Wouldn't it be interesting if a large enough number of anti-vaccine Republican voters actually get Covid 19 and succumb to the disease. Sad as that would be it might just offset the number of left leaning voters the Republicans are
  5. I like your posts Ms. Wonderly. I've learned a lot about film noir from reading them. I feel like my posts would be longer if I was a better typist. Please don't go silent on us.
  6. I just finished NIGHTMARE ALLEY. Loved it. Tyrone Power playing against type was fantastic. I liked Joan Blondell's performance too. It's a real study of how a slick huckster can fool the public. Amazingly, it's happening right now seventy five years later.
  7. Wow, this is a hard one. I'm a huge Paul Newman fan. He and I actually share the same birthday (January 26) I vote for BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID . I think EXODUS might be my number two. Obviously, COOL HAND LUKE is up there too. You may not agree because "what we have here is a failure to communicate". Having said that remember, "I've got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals?
  8. Actually, I did misspell "no" as "know" on purpose because I do believe we all know or at least have some idea of how this will end or how we want it to end. Good catch Sepiatone. I went back and corrected it because it probably was misunderstood. Now, I'm out on this disscussion.
  9. I click on this topic from time to time to see if there's anything of interest. I've learned that it's mostly about politics. What I find amazing is that the opposing sides are working from a completely different set of "facts". It's easy to see why we're so deeply divided in this country. The right leaning posters clearly get their information from vastly different sources that those that lean to the left. It is virtually impossible to bridge the gap between the two sides as long as this conflicting information is flowing . I have noidea how or when this will end, but it's clear it won't b
  10. I'm becoming a fan of Tom Conway. Hopefully, I can find more of his films. I've seen a couple of The Falcon movies and like them.
  11. Thanks TXFILMFAN. What are "plabbing" to watch next (sorry for the typo)?
  12. I forgot about SHANE. It would be in my top ten. Especially since my beloved Gamecocks have Shane Beamer as their coach.
  13. I guess HIGH NOON would be #1( if that was before 1960.) After that I'm hard pressed to think of four more. I vaguely remember some Randolf Scott and Audie Murphey movies, but I cannot remember any names. I know Bogart made a couple of Westerns. I've never seen them. Maybe I should try to find and watch them.
  14. Thanks to all who responded. You're probably right. My original plan was to binge watch 1883 during my $.99 trial and then cancel unless I found other stuff I liked. I didn't realize Paramount + used to be CBS All Access. There are several things on there that I plab to watch. Still I wish they would release more episodes of 1883 faster.
  15. Wow, great catch! As a big Bogart fan, I didn't notice her in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. I'll be sure to look for her that next time I watch that film.
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