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  1. There's no question that John Wayne is an icon. However, with all due respect I prefer Bogart. Welcome Emily 41162.
  2. I too really liked THE MUMMY featuring Karloff. I also thought the Hammer version with Lee and Cushing was well done too. Conversely, the modern re-make and sequels with Brendan Fraser were just OK. The film makers of these newer versions seemed more interested in impressing the audience with special effects than making them frightened.
  3. I really liked MACAO. The film had a good story line with great performances by some talented actors. While I'm sure it might have even been better without Howard Hughes's meddling, it worked for me. Also, getting to see both Jane Russell and Gloria Graham for ninety minutes was nice.
  4. Hah! I bet I've watched the Hammer films hundreds of times and never noticed this. What a great catch, LHF. As Halloween approaches I plan on watching as many Hammer horror films I can find. I'll be sure to look for how many Pauls there are in these films.
  5. I also like it when smart people disagree with me.
  6. Sorry to disagree, but I liked the Hammer production of THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. You're right the Rathbone film was great too. I've just always liked Cushing and Lee. I'm not saying you're wrong .You're certainly entitled to your opinion and I usually like what you like. I'm just respectfully saying I don't agree this time
  7. I'd never heard of this film. Thanks for your post. I'll have to see if I can find it. It sounds really interesting and I'm a big Bogart fan.
  8. OK. I get this site is about old movies, but I have to share my thoughts on THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO SEVEN which I just watched on Netflix. Please forgive me. It was excellent. At age 70 I lived through this period in the late 60s. As an avid opponent of the Vietnam War, this movie dredged up feelings I had over 50 years ago. In full disclosure, while I actively participated in antiwar protests while in college I was drafted in the last call in 1972. Since my father was a WWII veteran I knew I simply could not resist by going to Canada or whatever else was available. Luckily for me the war e
  9. I enjoyed it as well. Through the whole movie I kept wondering where I'd seen Hurd Hatfield before and finally realized he played Dorian Grey. I also liked Eddie's intro and epilogue. His comments make some of these "run of the mill" noirs much more interesting.
  10. We have Spectrum and they carry it over the air. If you have cable check your provider's listings. They show noirs all day on Thursdays and Sunday nights. However, they have commercials so I always record them.
  11. Wow, it's hard to follow a discussion about Goldie Hawn in a thong, but here goes. I just finished NIGHTFALL recorded from MOVIES. It was pretty good. Anne Bancroft was gorgeous. However, I kept flashing forward to her role as Mrs. Robinson in THE GRADUATE. I also liked Aldo Ray's performance. I did some research and he had a very interesting career. Apparently, alcohol and (according to him) women were his undoing. Brian Keith was really good too. I'd give it maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10.
  12. We have Britbox. We got it mostly for MIDSOMER MURDERS and the half hour comedies. The Jeremy Britt Sherlock Holmes shows were a bonus. So far we haven't seen any of the Agatha Christie movies. We'll have to view those soon.
  13. Great catch Misswonderly3. I didn't recognize her. Like you, I'm surprised Eddie didn't mention that fact.
  14. I give this one a 6 out of 10. It was entertaining, but not something I need to see again. Lizbeth Scott's character seemed like an after thought to me. It's like they had to have an attractive "femme fatale" so let's throw her in the mix. I actually enjoyed watching Tallman and Collins as much as the two Roberts. I thought William Conrad was good too. I guess when one considers all that happened with script writers and directors it turned out pretty well.
  15. I'm looking forward to THE RACKET this morning. I'm a fan of Robert Mitchum .
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