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  1. I really enjoyed this series. I've read most of his better known novels and really liked them. He was a very complex individual "with all the usual vices"- to quote General Sternwood.
  2. Hopefully, this is a joke. Nothing against Warren Oates, but best actor ever?
  3. Right on target Miss W. This was totally a Joan Crawford vehicle. I think "OBSESSED" would have been a more accurate title, but maybe that was already taken. It was somewhat entertaining and Ms. Crawford gave an excellent performance. However, I wouldn't classify this film as noir. While it's obvious Crawford's character is going to eventually kill someone, the only mystery is who. The term melodrama fits perfectly. While I'm glad I watched, it's doubtful I'll sit through it again. On my Film Noir one to ten scale, I give it a three.
  4. I watched TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD last night. I truly love this movie and the book. Having recently read FURIOUS HOURS by Casey Cep I watched with a slightly different perspective. Nelle Harper Lee was an interesting person and a bit of an enigma to even those that knew her well. If you are a fan of TKAM I highly recommend that you read FURIOUS HOURS.
  5. I thought THE BROTHERS RICO was OK. Eddie was right that Conte was in every scene. One thing Eddie didn't mention was that Kathryn Grant, who played Johnny's wife later became Bing Crosby's wife. She was probably best known in her later years for being the mother of US Men's Golf Amateur champion Nathaniel Crosby and Mary Crosby whose character famously shot J.R. Ewing in the DALLAS TV show.
  6. I figured it had to be make-up that made Wells look so bad in TOE. While he wasn't as handsome as some other of his contemporaries, he wasn't ugly. Obviously, his weight became a recurring problem as he aged. I guess the beard helped hide the double (or triple) chins he acquired in his late 50s and 60s.
  7. Well it sounds like most posters really like TOUCH OF EVIL. Far be it from me to question their judgement. I'm still relatively new to the party on this forum and I'm learning as I go. The fact is I really didn't like Scotch whiskey the first time I tried it. Now it's my favorite brown libation. I'll have to give TOUCH OF EVIL another chance before I make up my mind. Side note: After reading the novel THE GODFATHER I thought Marlon Brando was all wrong for the part the first time I saw it on film. Boy! was I wrong about that first impression. Now I cannot imagine any other actor pl
  8. I had never seen this film so I was looking forward to seeing it. However, I have mixed feelings. I like parts of it, but overall I just couldn't get into it. I usually like seeing Orson Wells and generally like most of his films. Also, I agree with Eddie that Heston's role would have been better if a Hispanic actor had played the part. I've never considered Heston to be that great. He seems to always be the same character whether it's BEN HUR or PLANET OF THE APES. The highlight for me was Marlene Dietrich. She was as bewitchingly beautiful as ever. Obviously, Wells' character had "let him
  9. I liked his performance in JAWS. It wasn't Oscar worthy, but I liked the movie.
  10. When is Noir Alley coming back?
  11. I read A TIME FOR MERCY last month. It is really good. I enjoyed getting to know Jake Brigance again. There's talk about a movie with Matthew McConaughey playing the role one more time. Apparently there's a third book featuring Brigance. It's named SYCAMORE ROW. I hope to read it soon.
  12. I don't know why, but I'm not a big fan of musicals. I don't hate them and tend to agree they're better on stage than on film. WEST SIDE STORY is probably my favorite and I enjoyed FIDDLER ON THE ROOF as well as PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. I know there are some classics that people really love. I cannot explain why I'm so luke warm because I love music and many of the songs from these classic musicals are wonderful. I guess I'm just weird. Maybe I'd like them better "IF I WERE A RICH MAN!"
  13. I just watched THE POISON ROSE on Prime. It's a pretty good neo-noir with John Travolta and Morgan Freeman. It takes place in the late 70s and has many elements of classic noirs. There are some flaws and serious noir fans may find it predictable, but I thought it was entertaining.
  14. I didn't scroll through this entire thread so my apologies if someone else mentioned this book. I just finished FURIOUS HOURS by Casey Cep. It's a fascinating book and a must read for fans of Harper Lee. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD has always been one of my favorite novels and I loved the movie as well. FURIOUS HOURS explores the mysteries surrounding Ms. Lee and offers some explanations as to why there was never a second novel. It's by far the best thing I've read in years.
  15. Yep, I missed it. I guess I should read the whole yarn all the way through before I post.
  16. Maybe I missed it but no one has mentioned James Dean. He died just as his career was starting to peak.
  17. While I wouldn't necessarily consider his life "tragic", I think it is sad that Bogart died at 57. Apparently, from what I've read; he was so happy with Bacall and their children. My guess is though his career was winding down his personal life was still flourishing.
  18. I've always liked the theme from BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Obviously, it was overshadowed by "Raindrops" with **** Thomas. I also like the song "Smiling" from MAN ON FIRE.
  19. I take it you didn't like THE UNTOUCHABLES. Granted there were some flaws. For instance having Frank Nitti die was historically incorrect. He actually ran the crime organization while Capone was in prison. However, whether it happened or not, I thought the scene in the train station when Capone's people were trying to get the accountant out of Chicago was fantastic. My favorite part was when Ness said to Stone (while Stone was holding the baby carriage); "Ness- You got him? Stone -Yea, I got him. Ness-take him!". I watch the movie every time it's on just for that sequence.
  20. There's an old saying that people should not discuss religion or politics with friends and/or family. It seems to me that social media has altered the meaning of the word "friends". Full disclosure, I'm a life long Democrat. However, I've always tried to respect the opinions of Republicans and Libertarians. Today that has become increasingly harder to do. Maybe I'm over generalizing, but it appears to me most the Republican politicians are no longer in step with the majority in our country. My evidence is they are lockstep against voting rights, affordable healthcare, sensible gun control, rep
  21. I always like Cotton and Wells together. CITIZEN KANE is my favorite, I actually was waiting for Harry to accidentally call Holly Jedidiah while they were on the Ferris Wheel.
  22. Thanks for posting those clips. I loved the large shadows on the buildings. That was truly noirish (if that's a word).
  23. I think I had more sympathy for Holly. Once he saw the suffering caused by his life long friend, he summoned up the courage to help the authorities. That image of the nurse throwing that child's teddy bear in the trash did it for me. I'm sure it affected Holly in the same way. Also, watching Sergeant Paine die after being shot by Harry was obviously the last straw.
  24. Another interesting thing I learned from research was that there was a THIRD MAN TV series done by the BBC from 1959 to 1965. It starred Michael Rennie. Apparently, Graham Greene decided to turn Harry Lime from an unscrupulous black marketer into a legit international private detective. I vaguely remember that it existed and am really surprised it lasted six seasons. Can you imagine if Ian Fleming had done that with Auric Goldfinger.
  25. I agree with ElCid in that THE THIRD MAN doesn't make my top ten. However, I watched it all the way through for the first time in years and found it most enjoyable. The zither music didn't bother me as much as it did during my first viewing. Cotton and Wells were both great in their roles and Alida Valli and Trevor Howard both excelled as well. Frankly, I had forgotten how rotten to the core Harry Lime was. He certainly got the end he deserved. Also, I thought the ending was perfect. No matter how bad Harry was, Anna still loved him. It was clear she would never forgive Holly for betraying an
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