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  1. How about taking the Sepia out of "The Man On The Eiffel Tower"
  2. When is the last time anyone saw "Captain from Castile"? I supposed that is owned by FMC.. Right Mongo???? Not even on DVD yet. I think its on laserdisc though....
  3. Who owns it and when will it be shown.. uncut???? w/o commercials.
  4. The High and The Mighty to be released in Aug. along with Island in the Sky....DVD.. TH and ThM has 2 discs
  5. Since January and September have passed lets plan on a birthday day for Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd with Wm Bendix, Howard De Silva etc. All of their flics brought to you by Paramount. Glass Key, Blue Dahlia, The Great Gatsby etc. Lets go Mr. Osborne....
  6. Just watched CM of BM. Looked up IMDB for specs. Noticed that Rod Steiger and Ralph Ballemy were out on the edge even though this was LBX. IMDB says 2:55 ratio. This was clearly not a good print or something stretched. All found DVD releases including E-Bay have 1:33 ratio. Also noticed the bleached color. Wasn't this "technicolor"? I've an insert of the Court Martial and vivid color. Comment?
  7. Just bought "Adventures of the Cisco Kid" film with Gilbert Roland, however, the word "Cisco Kid" is duped into "Chico". Senior moments. Why?.. I used to know, so refresh the cobwebs of the mind, please. Thanks Tokjat2000
  8. Ten thousand commercials, chopped, blocked and at 3AM
  9. Since "Captain From Castile" is a Fox product, does that mean that Tyrone Power's film will only be shown on FMC?
  10. Noticed Fighter Squadron on this week Sept.22, '04 Where is Eagle Squadron??? One is reportedly a sequal to the other.
  11. Duel, that great chase through the Mohave Desert. Does anyone know why the DVD has been Shelved. Have had it on order for about a year; things looked bright, then in August it was a no-show. Studio, Weaver, Spielberg, who is holding it up... Thanks...
  12. Good Idea. Will block out AMC this evening.
  13. Good Idea. Will block out AMC this evening.
  14. Yakima Canutt was the 2nd unit Director on Khartoum. Having viewed the movie on DVD, I have a question. This epic was filmed "overseas" hence no SPCA? Watching the spills the animals took, the running W comes to mind and other "evil" things humans do to animals. Anyone guess how many horses died, Mr. Heston? Thanks.
  15. Wings of Eagles was shot around 1955-1957. Directed by John Ford. Starring John Wayne et.al. Question: What is the aspect Ratio of the film? IMDB/All Movie Quide does not list the information. MGM/contact - well, I'll grow old, retire, and see St. Peter before I get that answer. During the course of "Spig's" musterering out,in the film, there is a group of Navy personal. They were reservists from the Calif. area. I know one of them and have seen that portion of the film. I guess it is being shown in p/s....
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