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  1. I have a movie database of more than 7,100 films (6,050+ films I have seen and currently 1,074 films I am hoping to see). It used to be that I would get to see 3-10 films on TCM from my "want to see" list. But those days are over. Three out of the last seven months TCM has not shown any films from my "want to see" list. What makes this particularly frustrating is the decision by TCM to offer the same films over and over again. Here is my list of films that I would like to put to rest for a while so room can be made for some films previously un-shown on TCM: The Best Years of Our
  2. I have a database of more than 7,100 films, which includes 1,100 films I would like to see for the first time, including feature films, foreign films, and documentaries. I had been using the alphabetical list each month, for years, to see if TCM will be showing one of my "missing" movies. The previous printed monthly calendar was fantastic because it arrived before the start of the next month and had an alphabetical list. When the printed calendar disappeared (a money saving effort on the part of Turner and the typical reduction in convenience to the customer), I thought oh well at least th
  3. I was trying to add "Walk Softly Stranger" to be recorded on my Comcast DVR using the Comcast guide via a Comcast login on my laptop. I navigated to the movie on the Comcast guide page but found no option to record the movie. I tried looking in logical places for the record option but could not find any method to record the movie. I contacted Comcast tv support, via online chat, and was informed that for legal reasons this feature was removed while Comcast appeals, but there is no time frame for reinstatement of the remote recording option for Comcast customers. Are you kidding me?
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