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  1. I have a pressbook from "The Red Shoes". I have been trying to research it and see what it would be worth. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find this information? If I put this on ebay do you think anyone would be interested? Thanks- Lisa
  2. The piano piece being played as Sissy Spacek comments on "To Kill a Mockingbird" - on the TCM 'trailer.' (I'm searching through Schumann, maybe Chopin???)
  3. i know it was made by mgm...and anna karenina follewed it. i did a search on IMDB.com and came up with this one... http://imdb.com/title/tt0351075/ is that the movie that was on before anna karenina? the schedule said Fighter Squadron, but this definetly wasnt a war movie...
  4. I just viewed a one wheel wonder on TCM at about 7:40 EST. It was a sort of crime mystery with talking dogs. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of it and is a clip available on the TCM site? Thank you!
  5. do you think we will ever see the orginal untouchable tv series on tv again?
  6. I believe you are right. Thank you so much!!!
  7. i get aggravated when i see a movie on TCM that i really like, only to find out they don't sell it on the website. how do you guys get a hold of some of these movies? i'm really trying to get several movies with Marian Marsh in them, but i'm having no luck. i've tried eBay which is so/so, but i'm just wondering if there is something else out there. thanks.
  8. Thanks!!! I could NOT remember the title of this movie. I appreciate the response :-)
  9. Is better than all the other saturday morning cartoons put together.
  10. i have to say that i am a fan of both of them. i don't know if a could chose one over the other. what is so surprising to me is that even though they obviously had different dancing styles (miller-tap charisse-ballet)they were often considered for the same roles. for example, Easter Parade. charisse had actually signed on to do it, but an injury prevented her from doing it. miller was the next one chosen. to imagine it any different than it was is just too hard. i think they each did what they did very well, and it would be tough to imagine their best roles played by the other, so i sa
  11. The Loew's Jersey Theatre is proud to open its new film season with the following comedy classics! For more information see http://www.loewsjersey.org , and to see our calendar page, see http://www.loewsjersey.org/calendar.php Saturday, October 8 at 3:30 PM Horse Feathers Starring Groucho, Harpo, Chico & Zeppo Marx. (1932 - 67 mins - B&W) (Not rated, but suitable for all ages.) Ostensibly a parody of the college films that were popular at the time, Horse Feathers finds Groucho Marx to be the latest in a long line of Presidents at the failing Huxley College. To save h
  12. Back again-Googled "'J H Meyer'florida movie" and came up with this link: http://www.hillsborough.wateratlas.usf.edu/upload/documents/HILLSBOROUGH_COUNTY_Historic_Resources_Excerpts_Sun%20City.pdf If the link doesn't work the title that came up is "Sun City (Ross)Hillsborough County Historic Resources Survey Report" and it says that two short films featuring actresses Billie Moon and Bessie True were the only films made there. I checked IMDB and no listing at all for Billie Moon and three films for Bess True but none look like the ones you're seeking the titles for. No listing for a directo
  13. This has piqued my curiosity as well. I didn't find anything except a few mentions in the St. Petersburg Times newspaper that you've probably already seen. I did see a poster for a 1930 Lupe Valez movie called "Hell Harbor" that was filmed in Tampa-perhaps that was based out of the Sun City location? Since it would've been a silent studio-originally at least-maybe posting the info you do have to the Google group "alt.movies.silent" would help. The people there are very knowledgable. Worth a try anyway. Good luck.
  14. I believe I saw this film on TCM. It was black and white, seemed like 1930s film probably. It involves a comedic racetrack swindle with two horses - twin horses. One horse is a swayback plow horse and the other is a sleek racehorse. The female star is a blonde bimbo character and is very funny. Does anyone know the name of this film? THANKS!!!!!
  15. I was wondering if someone could help me out and find the name of this movie I saw. I totally forgot to look at the title till it was over. It was a silent film, I don't know the name of the actors but the woman had blonde hair. Her name was Diane in the movie and it started with her trying to kill herself with a knife that belonged to some guy. She was on the streets and he found her then took her to his place. Then they fell in love and he went to war. He would go visit her at 11:00 every day but then he went blind. They were so in love that they communicated telepathically (sp?). He tried t
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