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  1. Maybe I've just been missing it - I'd love to see "The Goddess" where Kim Stanley plays a role loosely based on Marilyn Monroe. I haven't seen it years. - Madge
  2. Did anyone happen to see "Jeopardy" tonight - Fri 8/26? The final Jeopardy question was "This woman gave the innagural speech for "X &Z" College" in 1960 by starting with the following word: 'WATER'" - NOT ONE of the 3 contestants got it right! HELEN KELLER!!! See - there is another reason why classic movies are good for you - you have a better shot at "Final Jeopardy!" LOL! Shaking her head - Madge
  3. Hi Larry - Elaine Stewart was perfect in "Brigadoon" - Jane was the only role that was kept completely intact from the stage production (I played Bonnie Jean in two summer stock productions a MILLION years ago , so "Brigadoon" has always been a sentimental favorite). I know they have to take artistic liscence when transferring from stage to screen - but in this case most of those changes weren't for the better. I've always wondered (unless he was tied up on Broadway in "Paint Your Wagon) why the wonderful James Mitchell didn't reprise his stage role of Harry Beaton. About a year or so late
  4. It's definitely Mame with Lucille Ball. Angela Lansbury (who starred in the very successful Broadway production) wanted (and expected) to be offered the role. However, Lucy had many friends in high places in Hollywood and she convinced the executives she could (and would) do it. During production many cast members felt that it was going to bomb---and it did--big time.
  5. Terrible musical ultimately goes to Moulin Rouge. (In my book - the scores were terrible)
  6. Hi Movieslover - Thanks for the info - I thought that the Fox channel had automatic access to Fox films - if they lease packages all of those reruns makes sense. I read that the 1931 version of "Waterloo Bridge" is going to be released on DVD with the Vivien Leigh version sometime in 2006. Sandy - Great catch! Yes - I love both Kim Novak and "Picnic!" I also love Josh Logan - he made very sexy movies for his time - have you ever seen "Sayonara?" VERY romantic!! Oh - and before anyone else mentions it - as much as I love Josh Logan - I know, I know, "Camelot" did wind up pretty funky! LOL!
  7. The Wiz and A Chorus Line are truly awful but not as flat out bad as The Apple (1980). It's on DVD so if you haven't seen it you really should. A disco/futuristic story with loads of production numbers and incredible costumes.
  8. Speaking of Kim Novak - "Strangers When We Meet" with Kirk Douglas, Walter Matthau and Ernie Kovacs - I haven't seen it in years .... a movie that is quite similar is "No Downpayment" - has anyone seen that one? It stars Joanne Woodward, Cameron Mitchell, Tony Randall, Sheree North, Jeff Hunter and Barbara Rush - it was sort of like "Knot's Landing" 20 years ahead of time - Lol! - they show it once in a blue moon on Fox Movie Channel ..... Also does anyone have any idea why the Fox channel never airs Jeanne Crain's "Margie?" - I love that movie - that was one of Jeanne Crain's biggest hits for
  9. Keep watching the schedule - GABRIEL seems to pop up relatively often.
  10. I couldn't believe it. Last month I requested that TCM show Till the End of Time. I note that it will be shown on October 6 at 5:00 AM ET. Don't miss it!
  11. >> I would like to see and/or purchase the movie "The >> Cheaters", (1945) staring; Joseph Shildkraut, Eugene >> Pallette, and Billie Burke. Directed by Joseph Kane. >> One of the great underrated Christmas movies of all >> time which is in great danger of dissapearing into >> oblivion. > > Just read the plot summary for this over at imdb - > gosh this sounds familiar but if I saw it - it had > to be years ago! I'm casting a vote for this one too! Watching this movie became a Christmas eve tradition in my family. Unfortunately, tel
  12. Despite the ubiquitous showings of the usual suspects (WHITE HEAT, KEY LARGO) there are quite a few rarer films in the batch which I'm looking forward to seeing - DESERT NIGHTS with John Gilbert, BACK PAY with Corrine Griffith, LONG LOST FATHER with John Barrymore, the silent SCARAMOUCHE with Ramon Novarro plus some definite Pre-Codes just based on naughty titles: STRICTLY CONVENTIONAL from '30, MY PAST ('31) with Bebe Daniels and UNASHAMED with Helen Twelvetrees and Robt Young. There is the premiere of a new doc on Merian Cooper to coincide with the new KONG plus showings of GRASS and LA
  13. There's a movie starring Doris Day and Danny Thomas called I'll See You In My Dreams. the movie's about the composer Gus Kahn ( Danny Thomas ). It's a great movie. It played on TCM a while ago. Maybe a few years back. But I liked it a lot.
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