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  1. The Grand Illusion, Belle de Jour, The 400 Blows, Bay of Angels, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and La Vie de Chateau are some older French films I enjoy. For more recent French films, I would highly recommend Amelie, Red, A Very Long Engagement and Bon Voyage.
  2. Consider these two statements: Comment: "In my dreams, I would have graceful and dapper Fred Astaire take me to my school prom. And in my dreams, I would have handsome and passionate Gene Kelly be my lover." Reply: "It would be "Heaven on Earth" just to dance Fred Astaire!! If I was with Fred Astaire--who needs sex?!!"
  3. I love Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry as well. Those are the greatest! Looney Tunes volume 3 has come out so go pick it upt!
  4. Please does anyone know? It was a short shown on TCM
  5. Some of my favorites: "Oh, Blanche, ya know we got rats in the cella?" "And under no circumstances are you to reveal the contents of this note to my sister....it's not me that needs a doctor Blanche!" "I told you, it flew out the window...." "You promised you'd never ever talk about that again". All of the above courtesy of Baby Jane Hudson. "I don't remember when I've seen dirty words like that..." -- Elvira "Lies, lies, lies ---- trapped and strangling in a jungle of lies. It wasn't me that he wanted, it was my kingdom!!" ---Elizabeth I "Cal, the grits i
  6. I was wonderng if anyone had any insight of what Lana Turner thought of Judy Garland after her premature death. The reason I ask this is because I was reading "Get Happy," a biography of Garland, and was depressed to read how bad Judy's self-esteem was in her MGM days. Especially when she compared herself to Lana Turner. It seems that Turner had the annoying habit of stealing many of her potential boyfriends. I wonder how Judy could feel so inferior to someone who was clearly not nearly as talented as she was. I love Turner, but Garland had more talent in her finger than Turner had in her enti
  7. Hello vecchiolarry: Having just returned from vacation, I didn't see your posting about Brock Peters until now; I just posted an announcement that is a bit more lengthy. Thanks for remembering him --- I think he and Davis and Poitier are tops also. On the scene currently, look out for JEFFREY WRIGHT --- I think he is probably the best American actor alive today. I hope we'll be seeing much more of him. Regina
  8. I am saddened to report that veteran actor Brock Peters, best known for his deeply moving performance as a black man falsely accused of rape in "To Kill a Mockingbird", has died at his Los Angeles home after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 78. Peters was diagnosed with the disease in January and had been receiving chemotherapy treatment according to Marilyn Darby, his longtime companion. His condition worsened in recent weeks and he died peacefully in bed surrounded by family Ms. Darby reports. Peters was born George Fisher July 2, 1927 in New York. His long film career began in
  9. Thanks classicmovies434 for your testimony; there are so few real heroes today that I have trouble counting them on one hand. Two of my heroines are Audrey Hepburn and Geraldine Fitzgerald. Miss Hepburn for her humanitarian efforts across the world, particularly in the last third of her life. Miss Fitzgerald for bringing theatre to the poor and unprivileged and for mounting the first all-black production of O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey into Night". These were marvelous women with exceptional talent, intelligence, beauty and a remarkable willingness to live out their social conscience.
  10. I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Ethel Merman! Her voice is loveably annoying like Mailyn's. Ethel couldn't sing very well...her singing voice was awful actually...yet she still manages to make the songs delightful. That takes talent! But I like her way of talking, so her annoying voice lights up the films she was in!
  11. You guys are AMAZING!!! Thanks SO much! You were both right on. I've been trying to recall the titles for such a long time now. I REALLY appreciate your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  12. I'm 19 years old but am a huge fan of classic films, but because I'm so young I'm still learning about the great movies and actors/actresses out there. I am looking forward to see Greta Garbo's work this month! I haven't seen a movie of hers yet. However...I adore all the photos I have seen of her. I have been a big fan/collector of photographs of her for years but haven't seen any of her films...strange, huh? But I love her mysterious, artsy look. I find her unique appearance amazing and something different than the usual classic actress look. So I am excited to see her on the screen this mon
  13. bhryun

    Kisses on Film

    Can't wait to see Valentino's "Beyond the Rocks." I've read that Eleanor Glyn told him to kiss a lady's palm instead of the back of her hand. How unusual and romantic!
  14. I saw a movie on TCM a few years ago, and I wish that I checked the listings at the time. The was in black and white, and just showed some jazz musicians playing their instruments. There was no story, it was just music. I haven't been able to track it down because I don't know the name of any of the artists. Any ideas?
  15. I just rented Yankee Doodle Dandy and Public Enemy and while they're great movies, I still like Blonde Crazy better. Cagney is so endearing. His "goodies", as he called them, the little human touches he gives Bert Harris, are worth watching the movie over and over again. I love the whole scene where Joan Blondell's in the tub and he gets permission to find her money hidden in her bra. He holds her underwear up and wiggles his hips, then uses her bra as "goggles". Very cute, funny and totally irresistible. Even in "White Heat", as psychotic Cody Jarrett, there are many fascinating touch
  16. Hello, I'm not sure if you were still looking for the source of the quote. I was searching for it myself (for a film as lit class) and came across a similar quote from Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame: "Oh! love!" said she, and her voice trembled, and her eye beamed. "That is to be two and to be but one. A man and a woman mingled into one angel. It is heaven." I found it online at the following site... http://www.online-literature.com/view.php/hunchback_notre_dame/14?term=to%20be%20two ...rather than in a hardcopy print, and so cannot vouch for its integrity. Hope this helps.
  17. Un-like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire did not talk much about his choreorography in his audabiography and in his interviews. Choreographer, Michael Kidd, who collaborated with Fred Astaire, said that Fred Astaire was a drummer, who was concerned about the rythums and beats of his dances; and he said that, because Fred never wished to repeat himself, Fred was always looking for new creative steps to add to his dances. Of course Fred could have been thinking of many other things when he choreographed his dances. But, because we don't know exactly what Fred was thinking, critics are able to make
  18. I was wondering if TCM could air a scene from the movie "Carousel", with Shirley Jones singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" as a tribute to the victims of Hurricaine Katrina. It is such a beautiful and inspriring song, giving hope to everyone. Thanks so much.
  19. I saw a black and white french film on tcm about 2 months ago in june on a saturday night the story of the movie is as follows 2 men go off to war leaveing behind their 2 wifes, they eventually return and i believe the taller man war a eyepatch if anyone even hass a idea please post it and if you have anymore recomendaTIONS FOR A NEW FAN OF FRENCH FILM LET ME KNOW THANKS.
  20. We saw a B/W classic movie a few years ago about busybody switchboard operators. The reason I'm curious is that it had one character that was identical to the character that Lily Tomlin supposedly created, Ernestine. When I saw the movie, it certainly seemed like Tomlin plagiarized the character, same hairstyle, mannerisms, snorting laughter. Does anyone know the movie? It is not Bells Are Ringing. We think there were possibly sailors in the movie and/or the operators work for a talent agency? (Sorry, we watch to many old movies and get them mixed up.) I have never seen it on TCM again
  21. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the movie either. The F-82 did in fact see combat during the Korean war, scoring the first aerial victories with the USAF on June 27th, 1950. I hope someone knows the title of this film.
  22. Here are a couple of solo performances that I really enjoy: --The "Seeing is believing" song and dance by Fred Astaire from "The Belle of New York". --The very short acrobatic solo by Gene Kelly in the "Broadway Rhythm" section of the "Broadway Ballet" from "Singing in the Rain". The Solo begins whin Gene throws up his hat. The solo ends when Gene slides under the extended leg of Cyd Charisse.
  23. I think I should seriously get "into" silent films. I need to get beyond the fact that some people look scary in them. I don't think I should even call myself a true film fan if I haven't seen a few silents. That way, I can critique if I like them or not. I will have to watch, if school isn't involved. I now promise myself to watch at least one, just to get my feel for them. The thing is, I'm usually on my computer when I'm watching movies and I won't be able to do that with silent movies! - Gina
  24. Yes, Carrie, Clark Gable is mine! Ever since Gone with the Wind, he's at the top of my list. *looks over at Gone with the Wind poster* Yep. I haven't read much about Carole Lombard, but I have one of her movies on tape. I suppose I am a bit jealous of her, but she seems like quite a character. But, I know this much about the couple. There's a website called "The Hollywood Collection" (http://www.thehollywoodcollection.com) that specializes in making jewelry that the stars used to wear. It includes Carole and Jean. I have one ring from Jean that is from that infamous polar bear rug photo. It is
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