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  1. I would like to see more Red Skelton and Danny Kaye movies. Those were two great fellas and I can't get enough of them. Sue
  2. This is an aside to movieslover1000. Back to your post of 11 Aug you posted a message with a link in it. In your link were two straight lines isolating a 0(zero?). How did you make those straight lines? My keyboard doesn't have any straight line key, so what else would work, if anything? Thanks. Sue
  3. I have an aside for all of you--please don't pick on Leo because he can't type right or uses wrong syntax. There is a valid reason for this but I cannot reveal it. Sue
  4. Helen- I do see the good nature in you even when you are arguing. It takes talent, dicipline and patience but it can be done. However, there are a few times when one MUST lose their cool and just rant. Sue And to decotoddla--I do not watch any other movie channel, so it would be nice to see The King and I if it were available to TCM and, yes, I know that it is on DVD but haven't got that far on my wish list yet. I really didn't intend to disturb you so. Sue
  5. I'd like to see The King and I again as well as The Inn of The Sixth Happiness and any other great movies of the early 50's. Sue
  6. Thanks for the whole story, Mongo. It answered a lot of questions and I feel very sorry for their family life--or should I say- a lack of family life. That's what happens too often when communications break down and no one talks with the others. It's sad. Sue
  7. Hi Larry--thanks for the straigten me up info. I will remember it. And you are so right about the family part. Sue
  8. Vecchiolarry--Is that the way you spell Barbara's last name, if so then I've been goofing it up for quite awhile-using an i instead of a y--shame on me! And I never knew she had a son-too bad they couldn't maintain a relationship. To me, family is the most important part of my life JMHO. Sue
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