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  1. I like them both, but I'll go with Shearer as most are picking Colbert, and Colbert is remembered more today than Shearer.
  2. Three Came Home was the first Claudette Colbert movie I ever recall seeing. It's also one of my favorites of hers, and I think she should have received an Oscar nomination.
  3. I always thought my mother's cousin when young, looked like a young Lana Turner, but everyone else says no way.
  4. I think I have seen pictures of Joan Crawford when younger with glasses on, taken on a movie set. Don't recall her with them in films though.
  5. Welcome to the boards. I recently read "The Bennetts" and Joan Bennett wore glasses in real life, but not in the movies. The only other stars I ever recall seeing with glasses, was when they were older. So, I don't know if it was just an age thing, or if they had worn them when they were younger.
  6. I don't know if it's the greatest, but it's the first one that came to my mind. Jennifer Jones and William Holden in Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.
  7. I've never had this happen with any movie I've seen. You may want to list some movies you've seen recently, and then others who have seen that movie can let you know if they had the same problem. If not, it may be your cable company.
  8. I should never be allowed to see another Doris Day film. I cannot believe I forgot about my all time favorite!
  9. Of the original ones listed I would go with Grace Kelly. But my two favorite are Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard. Wasn't Clara Bow a redhead? I always thought the Blonde Bombshell phrase was coined for Harlow.
  10. johnnyweeks, I didn't think you were saying anything nasty about Jessica. I had just recently had a discussion with someone and they were seriously saying they don't like murder mysteries due to the same person being around when dead bodies showed up. I tried to explain to them, that that's what murder mysteries with a central character are all about. Then I saw your post, and thought maybe more people think that way. Have a good day.
  11. I think it's a shame this isn't getting more press. I didn't hear about it until late last night, so don't know if it made the evening news, but I heard nothing on the morning shows today. In my paper she didn't even rate a picture, just a brief listing on the obituary page. She was pretty much everywhere with Hope during WWII, and I think her passing deserves more recognition.
  12. I just recently saw the episode with Eleanor Parker, and hadn't seen her since Sunburn in 1979, and it was nice to see her. Johnnyweekes, I hope your kidding about the people getting bumped off. If they don't there would be no show, and no stars to be discussing.
  13. I was just reading about cars with rumble seats, and I was fascinated with them as a child. My mother once said to me, ride in one in the dead of winter, and you might not be quite that fascinated. I'm just wondering for anyone around in the 40's, did people then want to be back in time also, or were they content with their lives then. Basically, I would love to be able to time travel, but not sure if I would to stay.
  14. I enjoyed Every Frenchman has One by Olivia de Havilland. I guess it all depends on what you want from your favorites. If she ever finishes her book, I'll buy it. I don't care if she signs autographs or not. That's not why I enjoy her performances.
  15. She was on Phil Donahue once, and she did say that part of her being thin was from lack of food during WWII. She said she had a very healthy appetite and didn't diet or anything. In July's program booklet, Robert Osborne comments on the fact that she did have a good appetite. Probably a combination of things, but definitley not anorexic.
  16. You would think the TV museum in New York (can't think of it's name), and the Academy Archives should at least have copies of the shows. But, I've never heard of them available for viewing.
  17. I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard that you still have to be active in the industry to receive the AFI. That would go along w/the ratings, as they figure if you're retired and out of the public eye, people won't know who you are or what you have contributed to the film industry. If that is true, they are a pack of morons. I used to look forward to that show every year. I can't tell you how long it's been since I've seen it.
  18. Hi Larry and Mongo, Thanks for your feedback. Maybe we should try and take over. I thought I had heard their was supposed to be another Oscar Greatest Moments video. Maybe, it was due to poor sales. I enjoy my copy. Oh well, maybe one of these days.
  19. I've heard the Academy has said they will never release any of the Oscar shows to DVD. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this, and if true if they know why. I just saw the post on the Motion Picture home, and thought wouldn't it be nice if they released these shows and gave all the procedes to the Motion Picture home.
  20. I've not heard anything as to why it is never shown. I don't recall it ever being on TV in my area. I've always wanted to see it, just for the strange combo of Hope & Hepburn.
  21. Bette Davis! I agree with, why not compare her to Stanwyck or Dunne. I still would have given my vote to Davis, but it would have been a much harder decision. I think tonypersia1 hit on a good point. Hepburn's longevity I think has alot to do with her popularity.
  22. His birthday a national holdiay - No. The Hollywood Mount Rushmore idea is a good one.
  23. The Three Stooges and Snow White. I think that was the title. The one with Carol Heiss the figure skater.
  24. So...what are your movie addictions, if you don't mind me asking? Hello, I pretty much like everything except sci-fi and certain war movies.
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