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  1. I agree with you regarding John Gary and the Jackie Gleason Orchestra. I am a lover of the older big bands and I listen to some of them every night while I play Scrabble online. First posting in quite some time.
  2. To use a Navy message passed over the 1MC(shipboard speaker system) "To All Hands" Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  3. I had to re-register in order get back in TCM. This is my first post in new format. Opinion will follow
  4. This classic movie is one of my all time favorites. I usually watch it once a month. The cast is topnotch. I love the scene when Frederick March gives his sppeech at the bank employees dinner while his he is somewhat inebriated. Charlie
  5. Welcome aboard to the good ship U.S.S.Tcm. Charlie
  6. To nickdimeo:Thanks for the information on George Bancroft. Good folks on this forum.
  7. Hi Folks: Did George Bancroft get top billing in any old film?
  8. I must admit that I shed tears during many film scenes. For instance, last night I watched "Flying Down To Rio" with Astaire and Rogers. The fact that they are no longer dancing together really gets to me. My choice for the most tear causing film ending is "Adventure" with Clark Gable,Greer Garson,Thomas Mitchell,and Joan Blondell. It is also one of my favorite films.
  9. To panellacjunocom, Thanks for listing the films that Fred and Ginger made. I have some searching to do. Most considerate of you.
  10. Fred Astaire hands down. I just recently watched(again) "Flying Down To Rio" As far as I know this is the first time he danced with Ginger Rogers in a film. Not one of thier best films but one can see greatness in the future for both of them. By the way how many films did they make together?
  11. There are so many great ones as we all know and have indicated just that. My choice for greatest performance by an actor is Spencer Tracy in "Captain Courageous" As for an actress, I have to ponder this choice
  12. kenwalk04; I have a copy of this one.It is one of my favorite WB films. Thanks
  13. kenwalk04; I have a copy of this one.It is one of my favorite WB films. Thanks
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