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  1. It sounds a lot like Sundown, with Bruce Cabot as the calm officer and Gene Tierney, Joseph Calleia and Harry Carey, Sr. as the civilians.
  2. Ellen Drew had a terrific smile! As for my other favorites... Actors Joel McCrea Dana Andrews Donald O'Connor Fred Astaire Red Skelton Jimmy Stewart Actresses Frances Dee Celeste Holm Laraine Day Dorothy Lamour Louise Beavers Marjorie Reynolds
  3. The only thing I can think of to do is write c/o his publisher. - Susan
  4. Easter Parade - 1948, starring Judy, Fred Astaire, Ann Miller and Peter Lawford. I just watched this one last night! - Susan
  5. The "mushroom" idea is really a good one (that's how I started!), but just in case you would like something on paper, try Hollywood Picks the Classics by Afton Fraser. It's really a wonderful book, and will give you plenty of places to start. - Susan
  6. Dear ellejenkins3, My goodness, you modeled the dress? What an opportunity! If my guess is correct, you are referring to a gown that never made it onto the big screen. Designed by Helen Rose (as you stated), it was to have been worn by Judy Garland in Royal Wedding. Before filming began Judy was replaced by Jane Powell and the dress was put into storage. In her book Just Make Them Beautiful, Helen Rose described it as "... a very sophisticated costume... and Judy was delighted when she saw it. The bodice was of black jersey with a turtle neck and long sleeves, completely covered w
  7. Could anyone tell be about June Moon, please? I am an avid fan of Frances Dee, and run a website in tribute to her. This film is high on my "to see" list, but unfortunately I can't make it to the Film Forum. I would love to hear second-hand accounts from those fortunate enough to attend. Thanks! - Susan
  8. Oh, thank you so much to everyone who has posted on this thread! I think I will give Ladd's Great Gatsby a try. - Susan
  9. I'll Be Seeing You -- oh, it's a lovely movie! Starring are Ginger Rogers as the "woman with a past", and Joseph Cotten as the shell-shocked aviator. Shirley Temple and Spring Byington give wonderful supporting performances. I always cry with this one. It was released on DVD last year, thank goodness.
  10. The Great Gatsby -- I'm afraid I've never read the book, nor have I seen any of the film adaptations, but I'm very curious to learn about the 1949 version starring Alan Ladd. Can anyone tell me about it? Thanks! - Susan
  11. Deborah, Thank you so much for writing about Rich Man's Folly -- it sounds wonderful! May I use your summary and comments on my website? Hoping your day is lovely! - Susan
  12. I like the quote that has been posted at Moviediva.com: "Giants like these (Independence Day, Godzilla, Pearl Harbor, the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies) continue to stalk through the multiplexes, shaking gold from the heavens with their thunderous, THX Certified footsteps; but inside their high-definition, digitized craniums their tiny brains are dead." --Louis Menand on the state of the cinema blockbuster in the February 7, 2005 New Yorker.
  13. Is there any chance of The Blue Dahlia being released on DVD as well? And Saigon? Wouldn't it be lovely if someone would release a Ladd & Lake box set...
  14. Frances Dee and Joel McCrea Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire Myrna Loy and William Powell
  15. Oh, Deborah, thank you so much for these stories! What was the I Love Lucy connection? I know Frances was mentioned in "The Fashion Show" and was always curious if there were more to the story. - Susan
  16. Hello, Deborah! Wheel of Fortune / A Man Betrayed was a lot of fun! I'm glad I found it. Yes, you did tell me the story of the red-checkered tablecloth. I think its just wonderful! And didn't Frances' character have a beautiful wardrobe? I love that silver lame gown -- gorgeous. And her suits make a girl wish clothes like that were sold today. One of the hats, a wide-brimmed tan "fedora" with a dark ribbon, looked like the same one she wore in Meet the Stewarts. John Wayne and Frances were wonderful together. I kind of like the slow drawl of his voice. He made such a likeable leadi
  17. Hi, Deborah! How are you? Have you received your movies yet? I'm so looking forward to your description of Patrick the Great. From the little I've read, it sounds like a lot of fun. How fortunate that you were able to acquire it! The site with all those wonderful pictures was Getty Images. I think you're right, Deborah. There must have been a pre-Nazi prologue to So Ends Our Night, or more flashbacks. There was one closeup of Fredric March that looked as if it had begun to fade into a memory, but the scene cut back into present action before it could go any further. No, I hav
  18. First off, before I forget, here's the link to that marvelous Fredric March site I mentioned: http://www.geocities.com/fredric_march/ Yes, Fernando, I did purchase So Ends Our Night on DVD from Bob's Home Page. They're very pleasant to do business with. As for the quality of the movies purchased, it sort of depends on the title. But nothing has ever been bad at all. Everything is watchable, and my credo is that it is better to settle for less-than-perfect video quality than to do with nothing at all. Previous purchases of both VHS and DVDs have come off splendidly, quick shipment and all.
  19. feaito, thank you so much for posting about An American Tragedy. It sounds like a very interesting film. I was looking through one of those marvelous "picture books" about classic Hollywood the other day, Grand Illusions to be exact, and they had several images from the movie. That and your comments make me want to see it all the more. loliteblue, I'm so glad you do enjoy this thread. Its wonderful to have you here! A few days ago I had the chance to see So Ends Our Night. It was amazing! I had high expectations, and it surpassed every one. Have any of you seen it? I'm wondering i
  20. To loliteblue, feaito and stoneyburke666: thank you so much for your support! I'm so glad you all are enjoying the conversation. Frances Dee makes such a lovely topic of conversation, doesn't she? loliteblue, I'm so happy you like the wallpapers! Aren't those pictures of Frances and Joel wonderful. They just make me smile. There's one picture, which can be found in the Wells Fargo page of the Films section, that I just adore. Deborah sent it to me. It's a beautiful colored portrait of the two. stoneyburke666, I'm afraid I've missed some of your conversation on this thread. May I ask w
  21. She was a blessing. I thank God that she lived and has touched my life, and pray for His comfort for her family.
  22. Deborah, How exciting to be awaiting new magazines! I love receiving them. Tell me, do you prefer Photoplay and the like to modern periodicals as I do? I can't stand to look at all the trash printed today...it's almost as bad as those terrible books we've discussed. Oh, have you seen the version of "Bel Ami" that features an introduction by Roddy MacDowell? (Not sure if I spelled his name right...) It's fascinating, and so sad when he talks about George Sanders. What kind of person must he have been? Mr. Sanders I mean. I would love to hear what Frances had to say about "Bel Ami
  23. Hello, Deborah! It was so good to hear from you the other day! I've been feeling better lately, and have actually done some work on my Frances Dee site. Did anyone notice the new wallpapers? Regarding Caught, what would you like to know? *laughs* I guess that isn't a very practical question really. =) How could you ask the specifics if you don't know what specifics to ask? Anyway... It begins with Calamity Jane, a less-than-ladylike bartender, gambler and recently in trouble for stealing cows and re-selling them. I'm not sure of the specifics of that, I've only seen the film once so fa
  24. Murder, He Says - 1945 Starring Fred MacMurray, Helen Walker and Marjorie Main. It has been released on video. I love the scene with MacMurray in the cellar, when he's crawling over the unconscious body of the man he's just knocked out. Someone interrupts him, he stops midway, and plays the scene as though he were a midget. This little summary can't do it half-justice, but it was hilarious!
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