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  1. lorrekarloff, you've really got some great ones there that I had forgotten! I completely agree with these: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (fantastic) A Christmas Story (truly a classic) Harry Potter (the third one was really good) Monty Python & the Holy Grail (run away, run away!) Back to the Future, Parts 1,2&3 (as a trio they're really great) whatasalsa
  2. Hey All, Thanks for making me feel welcome! I'm truly blown away by this message board. Like I said before, I love movies, and watching the classics that TCM plays is like being a kid in a candy store every day! That's what got me thinking about the more recent (last 30 years) movies and how they would compare. And I thought it was really not a fair comparison because at least to me there's just something about the old b/w movies that makes them special. But I thought that surely there must be some that 30 years from now might stand the passage of time. So I thought I'd ask a
  3. Hi All, I'm new to the forums so this is my first post. I love movies. I especially enjoy classic movies because of how well made they are, how they often capture the times and how I often I'm surprised by a movie I've never before seen. Most of the movies discussed here fall within 70 to 30 years ago if I'm correct. That's certainly the ones I prefer to watch on TCM. And here we are still appreciating them so many years later. Anyway, watching the old b/w classics and not so classics makes me wonder if recent or relatively recent movies, say within the last 30 years, will be watc
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